e85 on the rise in US?

Sometimes Autoblog can get it wrong:

A concept version of the 9-5 with a 310hp flex-fuel biodiesel will be shown at the North American International Auto Show, Michigan, in January. 

Ah, no.  That’s Biopower, the engine that runs e85, the ethanol blended fuel. 

Then again, sometimes Autoblog prove themselves to be a wonderfully useful little bunch, especially when they produce articles such as this one, which indicates a whole boatload of research that’s about to be funded to look into the future capability for e85 manufacture and distribution for both the commercial sector, and……….wait for it……….it’s the kicker………..The US Military!

It seems they don’t ever want to be squeezed by the short and curlies in terms of regular fuel supplies for the military machine, and an e85 manufacturing and distribution system is one way they can secure their mobility and continuity.

So what does all this mean for us?  A greater chance of the e85 Biopower Saab range being made available as an alternative fuel option for sale in the US.  

Naysayers, speak to the hand.  It runs on regular too, OK? 

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  1. I recently read a good article on ethanol production in the USA from, I think, the Wall Street Journal. It mentioned the SAAB 9/5 in passing. Ethanol plants are springing up all over the midwest states built and funded by companies and cooperatives of local businesspeople and farmers.

    Much of the motivation seems to be to increase the demand for and so the price for corn farmed in the area. Also figuring into the mix are the Federal production tax credits that bring the price of the ethanol down. Another factor is to replace MTBE as an oxygenating additive in gasoline, although from what I read elsewhere, modern engines don’t need oxygenated fuels to reduce emissions.

    Anyway, it is hard to find anything more than 10% ethanol gasoline except for a few places – mostly in areas where the ethanol plants are located.

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