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Hey, I wish there was a big chunky news story out there too, but it’s as quiet as a mouse.  RSS feeds seem to be in hibernation, as are comments.  The well is running dry, baby (thanks Dick Vitale).


Sometimes you’d like to wish for a heritage like this, but then again….

RIVER EDGE – Michelle Marom’s trip to a strip mall Wednesday ended with the ultimate holiday present: a baby boy.

Marom and her husband, Yaniv, were trying to get to Pascack Valley Hospital, but she wound up delivering their 6-pound, 15-ounce son in the front seat of their Saab sedan…..


Marom said she and the yet-unnamed baby were in fine shape.

She couldn’t say as much for the Saab.

"We’re definitely going to have to get this car detailed [today]," she joked.

Mother and baby are both well, apparently.


GM are on a big road trip at the moment, touting their fuel efficiency.  They’re trying to combat the long-held belief that foreign cars, particularly the Japanese variety, have the edge when it comes to being miserly.

The interesting thing about this story is not so much the fuel efficiency side (Saab owners aren’t really burdened by this, right?) it’s more the marketing side.  GM have been developing fuel efficient technologies for years and yet it’s only in recent times that they’ve started aggresively promoting them.

It’s a classic illustration about how being the biggest can blind you to the challenges you need to overcome in order to stay there.

Here’s hoping they can pick up the marketing side of things in 2006 when it comes to Saab.  They can’t just do things with Saab as they do with other GM brands.  With many of those other GM brands, the marketing is about mainting momentum.  Saab are yet to create any noted momentum in the US.


Aussie readers should head down to their local newsagent and pick up the January 2006 copy of Just World Cars.  If you haven’t seen it before, it’s similar to "Unique Cars", i.e. cars for sale with pictures etc etc.

The January 2006 edition has a History of Saab feature and they’re also calling for people to write their Saab stories for a second part to the series.  We received a copy and an invitation to write for the February edition via the Car Club (another groovy aspect of Car Club Life), so perhaps there’ll be a story penned by yours truly in part II, if I can extract the digit.

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