Can anyone out there point to anything definitive as to when we might expect to see the new Saab 9-2, the one to be developed off the same platform as the Astra.  The Auto Express article I quoted yesterday mentioned 2008.  Everything else I’d read up until 5 minutes ago (that’s just one link, though there’s more around) mentioned 2010 and now I’ve just stumbled over the Channel 4 "Future Cars" section that also mentions 2008. 

 Ay Curumba!

2008 makes a heck of a lot more sense.  It means less time without a 9-2 size model after the 9-2x runs it’s course.  Also, the 4-5 years between now and a 2010 model seems like a heck of a long lead time.

But, 2008 was the traditional thinking for a new 9-2 whilst Subaru were still in the picture.  Could it be that AutoEx and Channel 4 haven’t updated their files after the GM/Fuji split?

Ay Carumbarumba!! 

I guess we’ll know more come March next year, at the Geneva show.  But geez, the waiting’s a killer. 

Someone at GM (and come on, I know you’re reading this) pleeeeeease drop us the word in comments.  Or via email. 

Anyone else: definitive links welcome in comments…. 

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  1. A 9-2 in 2008 as far as I can see is impossible.
    The All New 9-3 Will be launched in this year and I think that will be enought money spent.
    The magazines talk of Saab launching not 1 but in some cases up to 5 cars in the same year. It just doesn’t seem possible. you cannot launch
    9-2, 9-3, 9-4x, 9-5 and 9-7 all in the same year.
    but 2008 seems to written about.
    2010 sounds more likely on an all New Delta based platform. The current Astra will be 6 years old at that point, and due either a final facelift or more likely a new chassis.
    It’s good to see the Mags are speculating as it keeps the Saab interest alive.
    But all I can say is expect a diesel Convertible around May/June 2006 and the 9-3 Facelift September 2006, as a 2007 Model Year.

  2. Auto express is not very reliable, or I would say hardly any is totally reliable, you just have to gather bits and piaces yourself. But generally UK seems to be major Saab news leaker.

    And GM boss said that 9-2 will be made in Sweden starting 2010, if I remember right.

    9-5 should be about 2008 and next 9-3 about 2009

  3. It seems to be the Brits touting a very busy 2008 with the US and the Swedes spreading things out further. I think the 9-2 in 2008 is wishful thinking too, but it’d be nice to get a ground level entry by then.

    So many new Saabs in the next 5 years – enough to make your head spin at the thought.

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