Househunting again

I‘ll get to posting some more Saab-relevant stuff soon.  It’s Saturday morning here and we’re off househunting again.

This is the leading contender so far.  There’s so much rubbish for sale here it’s not funny.  This place is basically finished excepting only modifications that we’d choose to make.

How ya like the view! 

Don’t forget to check out the post below and get your limited edition Saab Sonett No 4 book (only 350 english-language editions printed) while they’re hot.

Catch ya later. 

UPDATE (Dec 6): We missed out on this one.  Another buyer was willing to pay more than what I thought it was worth.  Considering that the weekend’s storms and the accompanying deluge revealed some drainage problems in the garage, I’m now wishing them luck.

The search continues…..

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  1. $350,000 Australian, about $262,000 U.S.? That’s cheap compared to the Minneapolis real estate market (and Minneapolis is not even close to the priciest market in the U.S.).

    I could move to Tasmania and use the money we save on housing costs to buy more Saabs šŸ™‚

    Despite the better weather, it’d be an awfully hard sell for the wife, though.

  2. Greg, I could well imagine that you could sell up in the US and buy something very impressive here. Hobart is one of the cheaper real estate markets in Australia, though it’s risen over 100% in the last 3 years. I’d say you could buy the house, a fleet and the garages to put them in!

    Pete, it’s a very nice place that’s had a superb renovation. A bit smaller than I’d like (157 sq mt) but the garage underneath is big enough for the Viggen and a workshop. We’ll hear later today what the owners think of our offer. If we get it, great, but I won’t be totally heartbroken if we don’t. The Mrs is more attached to it than I am, but I do quite like it too.

  3. Wow – great view. I like the Kitchen – that always ranks as an import part of any house I live in. Living room looks great too! Good luck.

  4. James, the kitchen is really great, and as I do the Lion’s share of the work in that particular room, I’m pretty pleased with it.

    We’ve placed our offer and should hear back sometime in the next few days. Fingers crossed.

  5. Well, it does look nice, even though you didn’t get it.

    Pete: For me, this is expensive! I live in one of the pricier areas of Nashville (best schools, lowest crime, etc.) and that place would go for about $200,000. Of course, I didn’t adjust for the view — that would likely put our market on par with Hobart.

    Let’s put it this way: My place is 80% larger (3000 sq ft / 280 sq m) with about double the yard size (just over 1400 sq m), but is worth about 10% more than the $262k (around $290k).

    But, it isn’t that close to the water or a view like that.

  6. 280sq m would be fantastic. We need 4br, some shed space for me and some studio space for my wife to paint her watercolors.

    Still looking.

    The problem here is that prices have gone up so much and so quickly that we’re probably going to be left with a mortgage much bigger than what we have now. I like the level we’re at now as it gives us a lot of flexibility. The price you pay, I suppose.

  7. It is nice to have. We are fortunate.

    Additionally, I didn’t mention that here in the US, unheated garage space is generally not included in the living area calculation. I have an attached two-car garage that’s an additional 200 sq ft (22 sq m or so).

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