How’s your motoring I.Q?

I’ve actually taken a Mensa IQ test.  We had a televised national IQ test a few years ago and encouraged by the results, I contacted Mensa and took their test.  It was quite interesting in that I did better on the culture-fair test than what I did on the plain English language test.  I’m not sure what that says about me.

Anyway, Mensa put together a driving IQ test, which was administered around Great Britain.  They’ve categorised the marques with the best and worst driver’s IQ.

The M-IQ test questioned 6,000 motorists on their road knowledge including stopping distances, speed limits and road signs.

It also tested mechanical know-how and motoring-themed questions involving logic and mental arithmetic.

The results showed half of all drivers questioned do not know basic driving rules such as the minimum stopping distance.

One in six could not recognise simple road signs.

And men proved themselves to be better drivers – albeit by an average of two points.

The survey was commissioned by online auction site eBay Motors.

The best and worst drivers own the following types of car.  Now, before you look, ask yourself where you’re expecting Saab drivers to be – in the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ list?

Makes for quite interesting reading, actually.  Can’t really figure why the Chrysler drivers would be in one list with the Dodge drivers in the other, but there you go.  And let me be the first to say: Bloody Volvo drivers!!

Britain`s Worst Drivers

1 Bentley
2 Aston Martin
3 Hyundai
4 Kia
5 Daihatsu
6 Chrysler
7 Lamborghini
8 Ford
9 Yamaha
10 Rover

Britain`s Best Drivers

1 Triumph
2 Dodge
3 Lexus
4 Jaguar
5 Seat
6 Subaru
7 Volvo
8 Saab
9 Audi
10 Mazda

If you’re a British reader and want to know how you’re categorised by location, then read on…..

Britain`s Best Driving Town

1 Oldham
2 Scarborough
3 Dover
4 Stroud
5 Solihull
6 Inverness
7 Sevenoaks
8 Poole
9 Gloucester
10 Wakefield

Britain`s Worst Driving Town

1 Rochdale
2 Kingston-upon-Hull
3 Bangor
4 Doncaster
5 Barnsley
6 Derry
7 Middlesbrough
8 Colchester
9 Swansea
10 Aberystwyth

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  1. Since most Triumphs have about 2.98×10^-6 horsepower and their now quiet late designs are stunginly uncrash worhty it’s not suprising in any way that they lead the “best driver” list, they HAVE to be.

    That siad I drool over every Spitfire I see.

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