Via Autoblog-via-The-Unofficial-Apple-Weblog here’s a neat kit for all you Mac users, technogeeks and music junkies.  If hooking your iPod up just isn’t enough, then this might be for you! 

You can now get a kit to fit into most radio bays that will dock your Mac Mini.  Use the Mac for entertainment, navigation, blogging (!), whatever.

Why post it here?  Well, have a look at one of the company’s sample vehicles.  It’s a Saab 9-3 Convertible.

The kit can be purchased with a touchscreen controller to make for some easier navigation.  Creates one heck of a blind spot, though.

The Japanese company that makes these little kits is called System Design Co.  Not necessarily a cheap system, but if you’re a real IT junkie, then this is probably right up your alley.  And if you have a 9-3 then you pretty much know that it’s going to fit OK.

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