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With a unanimous response (two people, both agreeing) I think I’ll be looking into producing some desktop wallpaper type thingy’s from some of our Saab O The Week entrants. This, of course, will necessitate getting permission from photo owners to do so and making sure the files are of an appropriate size.

So, if you’ve had a photo published in the Saab O The Week section, I’ll try and get in touch and seek your OK for the shot to be used as a SOTW calendar piece.

In the meantime, I’m always on the lookout for more photos to publish. The best ones involve great photogpraphy, not just a great car. So my invitation to you is to find a great location, grab your camera and your keys and start snapping. Send your photo to me at


Saabs have always been fairly unique in their styling. The current 9-3SS and 9-5 are about as close to generic styling as Saab have ever had, so one could never acuse Saab of copying other marques.

Not so, Kia.

Do any of the lines on this little baby remind you of anything? Published at Autoblog over the weekend.

Kia Saab copy.jpg

These Korean companies seem to be quite adept at copying other company’s designs. Some of them have been quite blatant indeed. I don’t know how much they had Saab’s roofline and hockeystick in mind when they came up with this, but the end result, from the waist up at least, looks quite familiar to me.


I had the pleasure of introducing some non-Saab friends of mine to the accelerative powers of the Viggen yesterday. Always a blast to see the eyes pop as you take them from 60-1?0 in the blink of an eye. Fun Fun Fun!


Don’t forget to check out the Saab Sonett Super Sport – Chassis No 4 book. It’s a fantastic, albeit quick, read and well worth adding to your collection. This first edition is limited to a printing of 350 copies in English and is available now at Elkparts. It might not quite arrive in time for Christmas, but if you’re like me then there’s always one little present you buy yourself, and the timing don’t matter too much as long it’s good.

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