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Crikey, just when I announce a minor blog hiatus, they go and do THIS to me.  No rest for the wicked I guess. 

Way back when, Saab released the 900i, which saw the price here in Oz set at $29,900.  A Saab for under $30,000 .  No wonder they got so popular around that time.  There’s still heaps of 900i’s on the road.  There’s a beautiful ruby red one that parks outside my building nearly every day, in fact.

Well, Saab may be about to cue up another renaissance here in Australia with the 9-3 Linear now going under $40,000.  For good.

This press release came in today from Saab Australia:


Saab announces new pricing and outstanding value

Saab Australia has realigned its 2006 pricing, reducing the recommended retail prices of its vehicles by up to $8,000.

By repositioning its vehicle line-up, Director of Saab Australia & NZ, Ralph Stevenson, says Saab can offer some of the most attractive and well specified luxury vehicles in the market.

“Our 2006 pricing is extremely competitive. Saab offers exceptional European value, with Swedish style, luxury and safety features as standard, and is set to attract a new generation of premium car buyers to the brand,” Mr Stevenson said.

Saab’s entry level 9-3 Linear Sport Sedan is the most significantly repositioned model. Now offered with leatherette/woven textile seats and steel wheels as standard, Linear’s recommended retail price (RRP) reduces by $8,000 from $47,900 to $39,900.

A Linear Lux model, with leather seats and alloy wheels, is available from $42,900.

Vector Sport Sedan has also received a major boost. Vector RRP has reduced by $4,000 from $57,900 to $53,900 and at the same time receives a significant power upgrade.  Vector gains the 2.0 litre high output turbo engine which powered the 2005 9-3 Aero, increasing its performance from 129 kW to 154kW and torque from 265 Nm to 300 Nm.

Saab’s iconic 9-3 Convertible becomes even more appealing in 2006, with a $2,000 saving on Linear and Vector models. Saab’s four seater, four season convertible experience starts from $64,900 for Linear and $71,900 for Vector. Vector Convertible also gains the 154kW high output turbo engine.

The addition of Saab’s 184 kW 2.8 litre V6 turbocharged engine to the 9-3 Aero models, sees Aero Sport Sedan increase from $67,900 to $69,900. However, Saab has been able to absorb the cost of the new engine for Aero Convertible holding the price at $89,900, making it one of the most appealing performance convertibles in the market.

Pricing for 9-3 SportCombi and 9-5 will be announced at launch in early 2006.

Please note: Release quotes manual prices. Automatic transmission priced at $2,100 for Linear, Arc and Vector Sport Sedan models and $2,500 for Aero Sport Sedan and all Convertible models.

Saab Australia

Model Year 2006 Price List

(inclusive of GST & LCT)







 9-3 Sport Sedan





9-3 Linear Sport Sedan

1.8t  (2.0 litre)

110 kW / 240 Nm



9-3 Linear Lux

1.8t (2.0 litre)

110 kW / 240 Nm



9-3 Arc Sport Sedan


129 kW / 265 Nm



9-3 Vector Sport Sedan

2.0 HOT

154 kW / 300 Nm



9-3 Aero Sport Sedan

2.8 V6

184 kW / 350 Nm



9-3 Convertible





9-3 Linear Convertible

1.8t (2.0 litre)

110 kW / 240 Nm



9-3 Vector Convertible

2.0 HOT

154 kW / 300 Nm



9-3 Aero Convertible

2.8 V6

184 kW / 350 Nm



9-5 Sedan (MY 05)





9-5 Linear Sedan


136 kW / 280 Nm



9-5 Arc Sedan


162 kW / 310 Nm



9-5 Aero Sedan

2.3 HOT

184 kW / 350 Nm



9-5 SportEstate (MY05)





9-5 Linear SportEstate


136 kW / 280 Nm



9-5 Aero SportEstate

2.3 HOT

184 kW / 350 Nm








Major options:






Power sunroof



Bi-Xenon headlamps and washers



Metallic paint



Anti-theft alarm



Saab Parking Assistance



Sport Chassis






Luxury Pack (Linear and Vector Convertible)



–          6-disc in-dash CD



–          Power seats x 2, driver with 3-pos memory



–          Saab Parking Assistance



–          Anti-theft alarm

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  1. The Linear and Arc models start out reasonably priced. The Vector and Linear models seem a little high – we discussed taxes in an earlier post.

    The prices seem competitive with cars like the Maxima and the Accord Euro (Acura TSX in the U.S.)on the low end and the entry Lexus models on the high-end.

    Good thing Australians are all rich.

  2. I hope the steel wheels are decent and not covered by dodgy plastic hubcaps. Why can honda & Subi offer alloys at this price & not saab? Are the wheels made in sweden?

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