Saab international tidbits

Saab will be presenting three ‘new’ models at the 8th Middle East International Motor Show in Dubai, starting December 12.  The debutantes include the 9-3 SportCombi, the new facelifted 9-5 range and the much-cheaper-to-run-if-you-live-in-the-middle-east 9-7x. 

That’s three out of the General’s 13 new-car debuts presented at the show, so I’d say Saab are punching above their weight on that one.


Another international brieflet: Saab will not be making any vehicles in China, according to AW Knowledge, a subscription site that I don’t have access to.

I wouldn’t mind getting access, but the assurance that there won’t be any Saab production there in the forseeable future is enough for me.  Now if we could just put that pesky "Swedish Seoul" thoughts….


Forgive the lack of posting today, please.  Sometimes work has to take over my blogging time.

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