Saab O The Weekend

My apologies for the lack of posting. Me and the young fella have been knocking out a wall in the garage. Fun Fun Fun.

I just received this in my inbox and had to get it up here real quick. I’d like to thank Miguel in Portugal for sending in one of the best SOTW submissions I’ve received. I’m almost starting to think along the lines of gathering the 12 best SOTW submissions and perhaps making up a calendar or something (desktop wallpaper style).

Anyway, Miguel’s photo for your enjoyment:

This is a pic of my MY00 9-5 Aero with 18″ AZEV rims, H&R coil-overs & front Porsche 911 GT3 Brakes.. and intentionally darkened. This car still runs in the family, now with 200.000kms…

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Aero Ericeira 2004 01 silhueta BW small.jpg

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  1. That is indeed a very, VERY good picture, and it should therefor be a very strong candidate to be included in a SOTW calendar, which I find to be a great idea, Swade!

    Live and drive well, all!

  2. That is, (to quote Pauly and Habib from Fat Pizza)
    “Fully sik bro.”

    The Calender is a beaut idea . Include a nice watermark and its an good way for you to extend the T-Saab brand too.

  3. Wow that is artistically and technically superb. Way to go, Miguel.

    Great idea with calendar too Swade. But as long as there won’t be any nude (male) Saabers in there ;-P

  4. As follow-up, I’d be interested to find out what Miguel used for:

    – B&W film specs (if not digital) like ASA, brand etc.
    – focal length, f/stop
    – lighting conditions, etc


  5. I asked Miguel about the settings and he was able to provide me with the following:

    “honestly I cannot remember the precise adjustments of my camera at the time of shooting. I use slide film as a standard in my Nikon F70. The only stuff I did on Photo-Paint was to desaturate and clear it a bit… The pic was taken by the end of the day, at sunset with 400iso mode, therefore the noise you can see.. and there was also the 9-5 sexy body ;)”

    Good to see it was a Nikon (I use an F60 myself, but am hoping to upgrade to a D70 sometime). My photo mate, Stu, and I stir each other now and then as he’s a Canon devotee. This superb shot strikes another blow for the Nikon alliance!!

  6. Miguel fitted 911 GT3 brakes to his Aero? My dad has a MY 2001 9-5 Aero, so this is very interesting to me. Could you ask him how much the conversion cost, and whether it fits with the stock 17″ rims?


  7. What can I say, that is one great photo!, well done Miguel. Just think how fantastic it would have been if it had been taken with a Canon!
    It’s a very inspiring shot and makes me want to go out and try again. Hey Swade, fancy a drive? …….Stu (Swades mate)

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