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It’s an oft-mentioned thing that Saab have a very highly desired demographic.  Generally young, intelligent and middle-high income earners…blah blah blah.  Pity then that this guy happened to be driving one up the wrong lane of the highway, juiced up and under the influence of some sort of funny weed:

OLD SAYBROOK — Justin Merola was driving home on I-95 to his parents’ house in Branford when the car in front of him swerved suddenly into the next lane, revealing a pair of headlights headed straight at him.

"I thought I was dreaming," he said. "I spun the wheel to get out of the way."

Five cars were either struck or run off the highway Tuesday night by a Madison teenager in a Saab driving the wrong way. The teen drove from Madison to Old Saybrook, where he was stopped by state police and arrested. One driver was taken to a local clinic for minor injuries.

Matthew Olson, 19, of 55 Bartlett Drive, was arraigned Wednesday morning in Superior Court in Middletown on charges of reckless endangerment, assault on a police officer, reckless driving and drunken driving.


I emailed Saab USA yesterday, after writing the Talladega post.  I thought I’d pitch the idea and get a feel for whether or not it was either a possibility or perhaps even already in the pipeline.  The reply:

Finally, I like your idea about a re-run of Talladega in a BioPower edition. We are discussing this with our counterparts in Sweden and will definitely keep you posted on the outcome.

Rock On!!!

He’s written ‘finally’ as there were some other questions in there too, but I’m not sure how much I can say about those.  Think ‘Sonett’.


Speaking of the proposed new Sonett, I’ve received several jpegs and links to jpegs that feature various Sonett concepts.  Thanks to those that sent them in, but I’ve chosen against publishing them. I want to say that they’re all pretty decent efforts and obviously took a lot of time to put together. They’re available at various places around the web and won’t be hard to find. 

I’ve decided not to publish them in reference to Sonett because recent news tells us that the concept won’t be based on the Pontiac Solstice’s Kappa platform.  All of these illustrations have been prepared with the Solstice in mind.  It ain’t happening that way, so it’s time to get past it.  I’m sure the final product that we see in Geneva will make easier to forget all about the Solstice rumours.


Earlier this week there was a reasonable exploration of Saab’s stock levels in the US and the role they played (or more accurately don’t play) in current sales levels.  WooDz, in comments on UK sales, has also raised an issue regarding the notion that the recent high UK sales are killing resale because of sales to rental companies.

If anyone has some data to this effect, please email me ( or drop the link in comments.

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