Sales Data for November: US

US sales data for November 2005 is in and it’s a mixed bag from a Saab perspective.  Saab USA sold 2,091 vehicles for November, which represents an 18% drop from sales in November 2004, but it’s also a 56% gain on October 2005 sales, which were a puny 1,340 vehicles owing to stock shortages and a prolonged buyer hangover from the Employee Discount program.

The increased numbers month-on-month tell me that vehicles are starting to make their way on to dealer’s lots again.  It may also be reflective of the increased exposure from the Born From Jets campaign over there (is that still running at the moment?).  It’s still not enough, though.  Really – 2,091 measly sales in a market that big.  Saab deserves better.

The model breakdown was as follows:

9-2x – 71 sold (290 in 2004)

9-3 – 1557 sold (1549 in 2004)

9-5 – 215 sold (613 in 2004)

9-7x – 248 sold (0 in 2004, duh)

The total number of Saabs sold in the US this year currently stands at 35,577 so they’ll need a heck of a December to break the milestone 40,000 mark.

Now we just have to wait a week or so until the Brits publish their November figures.  Bloody tea drinkers….

Addendum: No specific numbers in, but it seems that Saab had another good month in Canada, where sales are up 20% for the year so far.

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  1. Yes, the “born from jets” campaign is still going. And it seems to be having an impact. I’ve had friends and family tell me they think of me whenever they see one of the commercials. I guess it’s a good commercial if it’s memorable.

    I recently saw a HUGE banner poster on the side of a public storage facility in Hollywood off the 101 freeway near the famed Capitol Records building and the Hollywood sign of a front view of a red 9-3 with its doors open and the words “Born from Jets” with the SAAB logo. I remember reading here that the dealers in L.A. were going to put some money together for a real SAAB push in L.A. I wonder if this banner is one of the fruits of that effort.

  2. I think the 9-5 sales suffered because there were not very many to be had. In fact, excepting the 9-3, I think all models were in short supply.

    Now that the 2006 9-2 and 9-7 are out and with the 9-5 due out this month, plus the SportCombi, I think Saab will hit 3000 this month, but I don’t think they will hit the 40,000 for the year mark.

    If I remember correctly, the number for last year was 38,000’ish. That number is what we need to focus on :).

  3. The “born from jets” ad must be getting the message out there; my parents asked me if we have a jet escort as we drive our new Saab. I didn’t know what they were talking about until I saw it on the Saab website.

    Not surprised Saab is having a so-so quarter. There are not enough 9-3 SportCombi’s or Aero’s here yet to make a big difference. Most 9-5’s are left over 2005’s.

    2006 should be a much better year as the new models get here in sufficient quantities.

  4. Interesting comment about sales in Canada being up. I live in downtown Toronto, and Saabs – new and old – are almost as common as the ubiquitous 3 series. I’m sure I’m exaggerating somewhat, but you sure don’t have to be looking very hard to see all over the place…

  5. I was at the dealership yesterday to pick up the plates on our new car and – the Aeros have arrived in force in New Jersey.

    Multiple Aero convertibles and sedans and one very nice SportCombi with a manual transmission.

    The Aero seats are incredible! Soft and comfortable yet very supportive. Saab should have a great December if enough people just sit in them.

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