Smoother parts supply for US dealers

In a move that should hopefully smooth out OEM parts supply between dealerships in the US, Saab USA has signed on for the D2DLink parts service.  All 260 Saab dealers nationwide will now be linked up in real time, enabling dealers to check who’s got a needed part, negotiate the transfer and get the part where it’s needed in good time.

With D2DLink, Saab parts managers can automate sourcing of parts in stock at other Saab and GM dealerships — from inquiry to order fulfillment — facilitating, in many cases, same day delivery. Previously limited to time- consuming and hit-or-miss phone follow-up, D2DLink provides Saab users with the industry’s most accurate online database of original equipment parts. Using near-real time updating, D2DLink creates a virtual warehouse of all in- channel Saab-specific and General Motors-shared parts providing Saab dealers with access to their dealer network and the inventories of 5,800 General Motors who also subscribe to D2DLink.

Australia doesn’t have the scale to make this sort of thing feasible for Saab.  I’m not sure how well parts-ordering is running now, but I know that when GM handed Saab parts ordering over to Holden to administer, all existing parts orders basically disappeared right off the map.  I know of several customers that goods on order and had to re-order them from scratch when they called in to check in on the progress of their previous order.  Here’s hoping that’s been sorted (and I’m sure it has).

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  1. I’m amazed a system like this doesn’t already exist! They still have to phone around to find if another dealer has a part!?!? This is 2005. Hello?

    Recently I had the AC compressor seize on my wife’s ’01 9-3. The dealer told me that there were none in the U.S. and that there were 400 on backorder. I had a rental car for a week before they got the compressor and the car was ready for pickup. I’ll bet it wouldn’t have been expedited had the rental car not been on SAAB’s dime.

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