SOTW – December 7

Can’t believe I forgot to do this on the weekend….

This weeks SOTW entry is from Eric in California.  Eric was on a family outing when they stopped for a few happy snaps, and I assume that after he satisfied the family-posterity shots, the SOTW thoughts kicked in.

Nice results, too.  Eric took this one and I have a nice shot from Mrs Eric that I’ll keep up my sleeve for a later date.

Remember – if you’d like a photo featured in the Saab O The Week section here at Trollhattan, it’s dead easy. 

First, grab your camera.  Next, take a great photo featuring your car, or some other Saab-themed item.  What we’re after is a great photo – not just another photo of a great car. 

Finally, email it to me ( and I’ll either place it in the queue (most likely) or suggest a touch up (highly unlikely).

You can view all the SOTW photos by clicking on the following link: Saab O The Week

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