The Sonett (book) has landed

I’m pleased to report that my copy of "Saab Sonett No. 4" has arrived in the mail today.  I’ll be having a good read tonight and posting my thoughts on it tomorrow.

You can read the introductory piece by clicking here

Remember, there’s only 350 of these English language first editions out there and when I last heard, John from Elkparts only had 25 left.  And that was a few weeks ago. 

It’s not an inexpensive book for the size (94 pages about 20cm x 20cm), but first impressions tell me that it is a beautifully produced work and it’s subject matter and rarity make it well and truly worth your consideration.  The sticker on the plastic covering is worth retaining too – "Saab Festival 2005 – Winner of First Price in categorie Saab Sonett".  I think it’s supposed to say "First Prize", but you get the drift.

Grab your copy while they’re hot: Saab Sonett No4 – available at Elkparts.  A rare first edition book about a very rare car.

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  1. Woohoo you got more bathroom reading material now ! Ooops, er, too much (my) personal info there …..

    Prolly too late for me to get this one. But I still have the SAAB SONETT 1966-1974 which I’ve yet finished 🙁

  2. I’m not a loo-reader at all. I like to treat the job like an SAS mission. Get in, perform the objective and then get out as quickly as possible with minimal harm to any bystanders!!

    Might be too late in terms of your December budget (Xmas prezzies and all) but hopefully it’s not too late in terms of stock.

    John, if you’re reading this, perhaps you could let me know how many you have and I can rewrite the post with an accurate, current stock level.

  3. Thanks a lot Swade (about the sticker info)! I’m at home because I had cataract surgery this morning and decided to relax by reading your blog. I had to jump up, run out into a blinding sub, and dump our dumpster in 18 inches of snow to find the sticker. I got it though! And only slightly wrinkled.
    I’ve already finished the book from Elkparts and, although there’s not much reading, I really enjoyed it, especially the photos I had never seen before.
    I was like a little kid rubbing my hand across the embossed cover. It took me a few seconds to realize it’s the aluminum side panel of the Sonett, and then I just couldn’t get past that.
    Also, I thought the book was as much about how a man can “get the bug” for a car, to the point of buying the old farm where they were built, and making it into a museum. And he was a German; I would have thought a Swede would have done that.
    Makes me sad though to see Saab missed a great opportunity by not producing it. There was a great demand in the USA for it, and Saab incorrectly thought that people would be satisfied here with the GT series which, of course, hardly raised an eyebrow. Oh, what could have been…
    By the way, I ordered books from at the same time. I’ve finished reading the Elkparts books already, but I just got an email from Amazon saying they would ship SOONER THAN EXPECTED:-)

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