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Saab Sonett No 4

I was going to wait until I had a copy of this book to review, but it seems so important and rare that I thought it’d be wise to get this up on the site as soon as possible.

Click here to go to the Elkparts Saab Sonett No4 page or read on for more information about this book.

Saab Sonett No 4 is a new publication covering the history of chassis #4, the Saab Sonett Super Sport (or Sonett 1) that legend had as being written off some years ago.  As I haven’t read this book yet, I’ll let the blurb from Elkparts tell the story:

The Saab Sonett Super Sport was the car designed and built by a team of engineers, led by Rolf Mellde, with the aim to win the important Swedish ‘Race to the Midnight Sun’. The ambitious plan was conducted in secret and announced to Saab’s board only when the prototype was running.

Only six Saab Sonett Super Sports, aka Saab 94, were built in 1956 before the project was pulled overnight. During the last 50 years the whereabouts of five of the six original Sonetts was known, but the story of Saab 94 Chassis number 4 has become the stuff of myth. Until now.

In Saab Sonett No.4 you can read the incredible story of this historically valuable Saab in this special limited edition book. This book is hardbound with 96 pages, 82 colour illustrations and a high quality, collectors embossed cover. (Book size 21.5 x 21.5cm.)

You may wish to note the following: This is a rare first edition printing that is limited to only 350 copies printed in English.  Elkparts received a batch of 10 copies and sold them all on the first day!  John informs me that he has just now received a further 25 copies, which are also expected to sell very quickly.

You can go to the Elkparts page for Saab Sonett No 4 by clicking the following link:

Saab Sonett No 4 at Elkparts





Disclosure: As I’ll be reviewing items from time to time and providing information about them, Elkparts have kindly agreed to allow me to keep the items reviewed.  I retain the right to provide an independant review regardless and am more than aware that my first responsibility is the provision of honest information to you guys.  Cheers.

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  1. Darn. I was taking my good old time about deciding on whether or not to buy this (and Mr. Saab from another post below), but now that you’ve put everybody on to them, I’ve had to order both today. They say they’ll be “despatched” today:-)

  2. Thanks Swade! I really didn’t have that kind of money laying around for a book right now, but it’s probably the only really rare piece of Saab Memorabilia I’ll own any time soon so…

  3. It saddens me to see these poor performing numbers since we all love the brand so much.

    It’s too bad that the SAAB dealer in Sacramento, California has been under reconstruction for a year now. The showroom was previously a chain restaurant like Denny’s and sits next to its partner dealership, Sacramento Jaguar/SAAB.
    Few people would be attracted to this building that has looked bombed out for years and SAAB/GM should rattle “George Grinzewitsch” the owner’s cage. Service department is superb, btw.
    The meager inventory of gray or silver cars sits outside year round. Depending on our weather, bring a warm coat (these days) or wear shorts in the summer. Not a pleasant way to look at $40K cars.

  4. Ted, My Copy of ‘Mr Saab’ took just 7 days from Elkparts in the UK to my Post Office Box here in Hobart.

    No need to worry about the service! As long as USPS does it’s part of the job, they should be there in good time.

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