Wasn’t me….

Pete, in comments, writes the following….

Noticed you’re posting again on saabnet swade. The prodigal son returns and all is forgiven?

Well, as it turns out I haven’t been posting on Saabnet. 

I am banned from my office PC (since 30 July) but can still access it from home, which I do from time to time as whilst I don’t agree with the admin policy, there’s a bunch of good people there. 

So I moseyed on over to see who might be posting in my name, or more to the point – what they’ve been saying, and I find that I’m now banned from my home machine too. I’m sure Scott knows my IP address here at home, so he figured I must have been using another PC to write whatever’s caused the offence.  he’s figured it’s me, probably banned the source computer and my home one for good measure.

So…Scott, whatever was written up there that might have been attributed to me – it wasn’t me.  I’m not that fussed about being banned, but I am if someone’s posting stuff that causes offence with my name on it.

So whoever’s writing stuff and signing it off in a way that might be attributed to me, that’s a freaking cowardly act and bloody unappreciated.  Scott and I have our basic issues as it is, without some anonymous wuss hiding behind a keyboard and stirring the pot. Take your funny ideas and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine.

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  1. Pwn8d!!

    But wouldn’t Scott have just banned the IP address that posted the incindiary messages? So the wuss just got himself banned, that’s all.

  2. Swade, why would you even bother to lurk at SAABNet anyway? It’s useless (except for its classified section). After I myself was banned (for being “negative” and after NO warning) I found SAABCentral and it’s much better. Much better organization and much better discussion. Scott’s site looks like it’s stuck back in the 80’s like when it began.

    SAABNet is a joke. So many people have been banned from there that there was a HUGE thread at SAABCentral a while back. I couldn’t believe the number of people who have been banned!

  3. Viking, the main post about my banning and my thoughts on the policy can be found here:


    Gripen, despite the 80’s look (faster loading, cheaper bandwidth) and the draconian editorial policy, there’s a lot of Saab enthusiasts there and I like Saab enthusiasts. I’ll never be a contributor there but it’s interesting to read occasionally. SaabCEntral is also my main hangout – always has been.

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