2006 9-2x on site

Kraig informs me that the 2006 9-2x is finally included on the Saab USA website.  I guess they were waiting until the last few 2005 models limped off the lot.

I know I’ve bagged this car a fair bit lately and I know I should be mindful of the fact that it IS built on a pretty good base car and it IS an ongoing part of the Saab family for the moment (someone once said that of the Saab 600 too) and it IS for all intents and purposes a pretty practical car, being AWD, turbo and wagonish…….but…….


Will someone please kill this car already?!?!?!?!  Either price it properly (it’s still $3K above the Suuby) or stop embarassing us and yourselves by trying to push shit uphill with a toothpick!

Give us a new 9-2, inspired by the 900 and the 9-3x.  Give it to us now you GM dirty-animal-food-trough-water!!!!



Aaaah.  That feels better…….

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  1. It’s not that bad a car. It’s gotten a lot of people to buy a “Saab” who will very likely include Saab on the test drive list the next time they’re in the market. It increases brand awareness.

    True, they didn’t do enough to Saab-ify the interior, and they’ve priced it wrong, but it’s a good car on its own merit, and it doesn’t deserve the abuse it’s gotten.

    There are a couple of them in the area around my house, and I like it when I see one — as bad as the interior is, the outside is very attractive and really sets the right tone (unlike the Impreza it’s based on, which is as ugly as a modern car can get).

    The number of people critical of the 9-2x because it’s not enough of a Saab is substantially smaller than the number of people who look at a 9-2x and say “Isn’t that cute? Who makes that?”

    For the minimal development costs involved, and for the short product cycle before the “real” 9-2x appears, the current 9-2x was a no-brainer.

    They just needed to execute the concept better, is all.

  2. I guess the old refrain “better than nothing” can be applied to the 9-2. Every Saab devotee knows that it’s not a true Saab, but on the merit of what has been achieved of the Impreza base model the end result is not a bad option. I know that Subaru in OZ fought very hard to stop this car being available Down Under since it would have stolen a lot of sales due to the Saab badge. So, it does have its merits !!!

  3. Well sir, I didn’t mind your “rant” in the least. Thank God one of us had the courage to say it! I do believe that Saab needs a model to fit in the 9-2X space, but it sure wasn’t this car. I’m sorry guys…I’m on your side, but to me the Subaru based 9-2 is an abomination, not to mention a tremendous let down after the 9-X and 9-3X concepts of a few years ago. Should I even mention Saab’s reputation for safety? Here’s hoping that nobody purchased a 9-2X expecting it to have Saab levels of safety. I will say that Saab did some impressive work to tweak it, but that thing is not worthy of its hood ornament. Let’s face it folks, none of us would care this much about Saab in the first place if their cars were like everyone else’s. Saab design has always been light years ahead of the industry. Now Saab models are determined by the status of GM’s partnerships with other automakers? That’s a concept that really scares me. Instead of test driving the new Saab Sonnet we’ll all be taking a spin in a Saab Sonata perhaps?????? Oh man…….I think I’m gonna be sick…

  4. The “Saabaru” is not a Saab, I agree. I still enjoy driving mine even with the realization I am not driving a Saab, I don’t pretend I am. It will probably have less mechanical issues down the road thanks to that fact as well. Lest we get to high on our horse the 9-3 shares a platform with the most boring car ever made (the Malibu or the “Classic” as it is called in the rental world). Some day I will have my 9-5 the only real Saab left and I hope by then Saab will have all-wheel drive technology available on it thanks to these partnerships they used in the mid 2000’s. I would also like to note that many cars get there start this way and then the company starts building its own… Porsche 911, Lexus, Acura, some good company if you ask me. I hope the Saab 9-2x comes out soon I can’t wait to see what Saab does with a small sports car, since they make some of the best looking cars out there currently.

    As far as pricing DID YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE INCENTIVES??? they were paying people to buy them. Not good for brand image i guess but i got a great deal. I paid 3k less then i would have for the Subaru. And the 9-2 is not hideous like the subaru, has features the subaru does not, has a better warranty, and i get to go guack at my future 9-5 every 3 months. smart move Saab you have me for life.

  5. We have one and quite like it. Its a bit noiser than the 9-3 we own, but its fun to drive. The 2006 model will probably be even better as it apparently has a lot of additional torque at low revs, which is a weakness of the 2005 model we own. I take it that everyone has heard that the 2007 model will be the last 9-2X on sale? One of the dealers told me this yesterday.

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