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Here you go, Paul đŸ˜‰

You’ve heard the stats, right? 30% of people that left the Saab brand did so to buy a SUV. Blah Blah. I think I’ve heard that one so many times in the last 12 months that I’m reciting it in my sleep.

So, what happens when one of the 30% take the Saab 9-7x for a test run? Well, the weekend’s edition of the New York Times has your answer:

You can count my own family among the 30 percent who left Saab for a larger vehicle. (We opted for a car-based utility with three rows of seats.) With one car and two teenagers in team sports, our 9-5 wagon simply could not carry the load.

I was skeptical of the 9-7X from the start…….It was hard to imagine an S.U.V. delivering Saab’s sporty handling from a body-on-frame Chevy truck chassis. But in fact, the all-wheel-drive 9-7X delivers a different S.U.V. experience in several ways………..

………Before I actually drove this Saab truck, I had figured that G.M. was corrupting the Saab brand with another S.U.V. designed for Everyman. But the 9-7X proved me wrong. It may not be Swedish, and it may not be a Saab through and through, but it ranks a couple of notches above a basic Chevy truck.

INSIDE TRACK: A saucy Saab despite its ho-hum G.M. pedigree.

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