A little day out

Greetings all. We had a small club day yesterday, focussed on a session at Drew’s place on paint-care and restoration (some text to come on that shortly). After it was done, a few of us went for a spin into town to get some eats. Thus giving me the opportunity to hang the camera out of the window and grab some shots…

Saab 96 born from jets.jpg
Above: Hendirkus’ 1965 model Saab 96 showing its “Born From Jets” vapour trails….click to enlarge

Saab 99t in mirror.jpg
Above: Bill’s 99 turbo in my mirrors. There was a twinge of sadness seeing this one again as it used to be my car prior to getting the Viggen. The sadness ended when he reminded me of the increasingly noisy 3rd gear…….but I can’t help but love this model. The Saabiest Saab in my books, still. Click to enlarge.

Saab 99 and 96 1 copy.jpg
The 99t in front and the 96 further ahead, both leading the Viggen on the descent into Hobart. Click to enlarge.

Saab 96 and 99t 1.jpg
I managed to claw my way ahead again, though. Click to enlarge.

Saab Viggen in hubcap.jpg
Sitting at the lights, I managed to get this shot of the Viggen in the 96’s hubcap. Click to enlarge.

3 Saabs at Mures.jpg
The 3 cars down at the Mures carpark, down at the docks. Click to enlarge.

Whilst were down there and about to leave, Hendrikus fired up the 96 and the sound of the two-stroke engine pricked the ears of a particular gent walking past. He was an Englishman (I never got his name) that had owned multiple Saabs over the years, right back to 99s and a series of 900s before his current ride, a 9-5. He was quite curious about the 2-stroke, quite dubious about GM ownership and quite pleased to have escaped the English winter!! The photo below is Mr Englishman checking out the 96. Thanks to Bill for capturing the moment….

Bills shot edit.jpg

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  1. Thanks for the pics Swade. That 65 96 looks like a carbon copy of my first 1966 I bought used in 67, same color and everything–brings back the excitement. Even the steering wheel is on the left as mine was in the 4th pic down:-)

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