Another gong for Biopower

Belgium is a country that’s often overlooked in the world.  I should know, my wife, though raised in Canada, was born there and she reminds me weekly about how little I know about the country.  Although one thing I did find out about Belgium is that the national postal service once tried to train cats to deliver mail.  I think it was in Liege.

But that’s of no relevance here.

The Saab 9-5 biopower has won an award for the best innovation of 2005 from a society of Belgian motoring writers.

The full press release is available here, but here’s the bit that’s specific to this award:

The FuturAuto award recognises an innovative product or technology that benefits the motorist, in the broadest possible sense. The innovation may relate to safety, environmental performance, fuel consumption and/or comfort.

 From a total of twenty candidates, five products were shortlisted for final voting. The 2006 FuturAuto award will be presented on the Saab stand at noon on Press Day, Tuesday 10 January, at the Brussels Motor Show (European Motor Show Brussels 2006).

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  1. Swade: You are missing out on some of the better things in life if you don’t know Belgium… the world’s best beer, chocolates, fries and cuisine (French style, Flemish portions!). I would move to Belgium in an instant! Brugges is NOT dead! Beer and mussles three nights a week! And, when you tire of that (which would take a long, long time for me), hop in the Saab for a wine festival over in Germany, or France (take your pick), skiing in the Alps or take the ferry to Sweden to see the midnight sun.

    I talked my wife into taking a trip to the Benelux nations just so that I could drink the beer for a week — and I did. That’s also how my son came into the world, so I feel like he’s a little Belgian himself!!

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