Electric Saab!

Mark Ward seems to have fallen into Saab ownership, rather than deliberately choosing to own one.  But having a quick read of his blog this morning, he seems to fit some of the profile for the typical Saab owner.  Innovative is certainly a word that comes to mind.

Mark’s doing some mods on his 1995 Saab 900.  Some major mods.  Like installing an electric motor where the gasoline one used to be.  It’s only going to get 30-40 miles per charge, but that suits Mark just fine as it’s all he needs.

The car was pensioned off by his local school board after some damage to the engine so Mark snapped up the bargain and went to work.  He’s done quite a bit of cutting and shutting so far and it looks like there’s going to be no small amount of re-engineering to come, but the end result will be a car that costs around $20 a month to get him around. 

I hope he’ll do a 0-100 test for us!

You can check out his work here.

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  1. Would you be interested in making a saab 900 into an electric car? If so what ball park price would you be thinking if I sent you the car with gas engine allready removed?

    PS great project! I love it!

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