I haven’t had a good look over this, but I know there’s enough interest to warrant posting it straight away. Thanks to Bjoern for the tip.

Ladies and Gentleman, may I present gatoAlfa and his blog – Technical Diversions. It details how he’s managed to iPod his Saab 9-3. Now, before you rush off with grandiose plans off full iPod integration, please know that that hasn’t happened here.

It looks to me, from a brief overview, that he’s managed to introduce a new AUX input to his 9-3 that’s allowed On-Star functionality to remain (if you’ve got it). Looks clean as a whistle and from his reports, sounds great too. Please visit gatoAlfa at the link above if you’re interested.


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  1. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just buy a new 2006 9-3 Combi? It comes with a jack already in arm rest and the buttons on the radio and steering wheel to switch over to the AUX! Lord knows those Mac guys probably found a way to prevent you from using a std device MP3 plug with your Ipod.

    I guess an MP3 jack is not a good enough reason to by a new car. I’ve yet to see any other combis on the roads other than when my wife drives mine. SAAB needs the sales!

  2. That nearly gave me a heart attack… I’m getting extremely close to having full functionality up here in New Hampshire, would have been a shame if someone beat me to it!

    99 9-5 SE 2.3t

  3. I have my iPod hooked up in my 1986 900. Heck, the iPod only cost $100 more than the car. So far I’ve had the car for 5 years and put 65,000 miles on it… hope the iPod lasts that long.

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