Google Video: Saab Trionic

This post harks back a little to the last post, about Saab doing great things because they needed to be done that way rather than doing them because everyone else does them.

I just had a quick flick through Google Video and found this cool promo for Saab Trionic technology back in 1992. 

First, they compare the exhaust emissions from a 9000 with trionic to an old 1950 92 2 stroke.  Naturally there’s a difference.  The 9000 has about 0.01% CO content whilst the 2 stroke has about 1.5%.  Hydrocarbon measurements in parts-per-million are similarly distinct, with the 9000 having 10ppm and the 2 stroke about 2000ppm.

Then it gets interesting….they pipe the emissions from the 2-stroke exhaust pipe directly into the intake manifold of the 9000, which spikes briefly and then returns to the normal emissions level after Trionic kicks in.  Great stuff.  And Saab invented this technology themselves, folks.

You can watch the full video (about 2.5 minutes worth) here at Google Video: Saab Trionic Promo.

There’s some other cool Saab stuff there too, if you do a search under "Saab".

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  1. The difference in emissions is pretty big. When I saw stick that intake hose onto the 92s exhaust, I almost gasped. I thought the 9000 was going to die. I never thought much of it, but Saab’s Trionic is very impressive in this commercial…

  2. Yeah I remember that test, one remark i read somewhere was that if you drove a new Saab with Trionic around in central London you’d be putting out cleaner air from your exhaust than what was sucked into your inlet manifold…

  3. Mats,
    I recall the “cleaner than London” exhaust statement, but I thought it was in reference to the exhaust being cleaner than London air if you had clean intake air. I would find it (even more) remakable if you can take dirty air, add burnt hydrocarbons to it, and get it cleaner than it was to start with.

    At any rate, I’d like to see Saab be able to continue with such inovations. (Biopower being one of them.) Oh, and maybe even see them get some credit for it… one can dream.

    And Swade, apparently, Porsche has announced that it seeks to acquire a 20% share in VW/Audi (VAG) (Up from 5%). Check out The Truth About Cars…

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