Hirsch need YOU!

Hirsch Performance, Saab’s factory-backed provider of Saab performance upgrades, is looking for your help.  They have 5 new wheel prototypes and are looking for your opinion as to which ones are the good, the bad and/or the ugly.

They’ve established a poll for you to give your opinion on all 5 wheels.  Click here to go to the poll.

Here’s a peek at all 5 wheel styles and how they look on a 9-3 SportCombi.  If you go to the poll, you can click on a link to see larger images, including one that shows how they look on the 9-5 SportWagon.

Wheel 1


Wheel 2


Wheel 3

Wheel 4


Wheel 5


Now, the important part is to go over to the poll and actually cast your vote.  Click here to go to the Hirsch Wheel poll.  Once you get there, you can give your opinion out of the three choices given for each wheel style.  The choices available are: Good, Medium or Bad. 

Don’t let it sway you, but I voted as follows:

Wheel 1 – Good

Wheel 2 – Medium

Wheel 3 – Medium

Wheel 4 – Good

Wheel 5 – Bad 

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  1. Happy new Jahr Swade and all who read this superb site,

    Ref Hirsch Wheels:

    Is it me, or are these wheels very tame in design terms?

    One of the designs is very Audiesque, the other is a sort of old Volvo multi-spoke copy, and the others just – well sort of more of the same spokes folks…

    Hirsch kit is usually great, but these wheels are boring.

    Anyone agree?

    What about some louvred discs a la Saab Inca design circa 1979 – but less fussy?

    Lance Cole

  2. Wow Lance Cole, big fan here in Melbourne Australia,

    anyway yeah they do see tame but here is mine:

    Wheel 1 – Good

    Wheel 2 – Medium

    Wheel 3 – Medium

    Wheel 4 – Good

    Wheel 5 – Shithouse!!! reminds me of old NG900 starburst’s

  3. Foolish me voted before looking at the details and now the highly efficient little swiss computer thingy won’t let me back to have a look at the 95 images.. doh!

    As for the wheels – a very subjective thing but I tend to agree with Lance. the last one is not really my cup of tea at all and the general trend is a bit volvo/audi/reserved. I guess the whole three-spoke/aero/viking concept has been done to death already. Still, I’d rather the wheels on my car err on the conservative side and make up for it with tyres/overall performance. The last thing I’d want is some high-chrome/hummer-esque spinning numbers.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vote Hirsch. Can you please now sell some cars in Australia?

  4. Tim, I’d agree on the first one. It’s similar to the Aero wheels currently available, but the rest I haven’t seen. Even on the link you provided.

  5. Good
    Good (very nearly a medium)

    And, about the complaints about the bland styling: I suspect that Hirsch, being the people they are, focused on reducing unsprung mass to increase handling performance. It’s a shame that good engineering isn’t always the best art, n’est ce pas?

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