Hirsch V6 upgrade available

Hirsch Performance AG, Saab’s factory backed supplier of performance tweaks, now has an upgrade available and ready to go for the 2.8l twin scroll V6 available in the 9-3 Aero model range (sedan, combi and ‘vert).

It’s currently available in Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Singapore and Taiwan only, though Hirsch are saying that it’ll be available in more markets soon.

Note that this is a software upgrade only.  Hirsch are currently working on some performance parts upgrades as well that will be available later in the year and from their correspondence with me a few weeks ago, they promise that it’ll make the 9-3 V6 Aero the fastest factory-backed FWD car ever made.

The full text from Hirsch’s site follows:

The new Hirsch Performance software upgrade for the 2.8 V6 Turbo increases the available torque to 400Nm, which is sufficient to waft the car effortlessly through any traffic situation without any need for incessant shifting, yet remaining within the torque limits of the drivetrain. The peak power has been increased to 275 horsepower, providing comfortable cruising up to 260km/h, where for safety reasons the top speed has been electronically limited.

The engine characteristics remain true to the Saab tradition, with a smooth torque delivery over the entire rpm range, with a direct, yet smooth throttle response and a minimal turbo spooling delay even at low engine speeds. Specific to this engine type are the very low noise and vibration levels and the unusually wide rpm range with full torque availability that make this engine combined with a software performance upgrade the perfect choice for the discerning driver.

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  1. Swade, you recently opened dialogue on Hirsch due to the upcoming new Wheel design. I hope that Saab OZ get off their butts and do something with Hirsch at local level since this will bring their appalling sales levels out of the doldrums. We are as fed up as with GM with Saab Australia with their lack of creative marketing, promotions and other smart campaigns to promote this brand and compete at acceptable levels. How are the Britts doing it so well and we are not ??? Really, they have to look outside of the GM square box and do something in the local scene !!! Merc has the AMG branding, Audi has the S series, BMW has the M series, and Saab has the “0” series. No wonder sales are where they are when all these competitors have the local market for themselves…anyway, I had my whinge of the day !!!!

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