Hirsch wheel update

I received an email from Hirsch, who were appreciative of all who went over to their site and casted their vote as to which new wheels should be manufactured.  For those that missed it, here’s the link that will show you all the wheel designs that were voted on.

This wheel, to the right, was the winner, and talk about implementing customer feedback – The wheel will be tweaked a little and be available for purchase in May/June.  Now that’s service!!

Other news from Hirsch, via the same email from Erik:

There is now a performance upgrade for the 9-3 Aero V6 available from Hirsch Performance. 275 horsepower and 400Nm over a ridiculously wide rpm range with a top speed limited only at 260km/h, which altogether turns driving this car into a jet pilot experience.

Now this was the software upgrade. We will now start on the full hardware and software upgrade to make this the fastest front wheel drive car ever covered by factory warranty.

Interested?  Head on over to Hirsch.

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  1. glad to see that Hirsch are listing to their customers, imagine tweaking a rim to customer needs!!

    Mean while Saab Australia sits on its hands and does nothing, another lost opportunity.

  2. Indeed, another lost opportunity. Saab OZ announced back in 2001 their intention of brining the Hirsch range in 02-03. I believe that another attempt was set last year of which nothing came out of it. So, maybe one of the first tasks that GM/Saab Europe needs to embark on is to bring in the cleaners to Melbourne’s Saab HQ since they’re not doing a lot to improve the current state of sales levels !!! I went yesterday to my local dealer in Sydney’s north shore to see the new 9-3 Aero with the new V6. They haven’t got any in their showroom !!! No wonder people are not buying more new Saabs since there are any to choose from.

    Joe Lobo

  3. Is it just me or has Saab already made and sold wheels nearly identical to those found in the Hirsch poll. For instance, the “winner” is almost identical to the ’06 9-5 Aero wheel – see this link from Saab’s international accesories site: http://www.saab.com/main/image/accessories/large/12757104_95_S.jpg. I personally find 5-spoke wheels (double spoke and single spoke 5-spoke designs alike) cliché as every auto maker sells a wheel similar to the one in this poll. A more Scandinavian design element seen everywhere from Nordic church decorations to IKEA furniture is a radiant sunburst pattern implemented beautifully in this wheel design: http://www.saab.com/main/image/accessories/large/12787995_93_SS.jpg and this one http://www.saab.com/main/image/accessories/large/12785709_93_SS.jpg. “Twins” of these Saab wheels ranked poorly in the Hirsch poll. It seem as thought the cliché design is the popular choice while the truely Scandinavian designs take a back seat. What ever happened to those unique 3-spoke Viking shield wheels and the iconic Saab hatchback? I guess they were just not “common” enough.

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