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Just in case you’re thinking nobody reads this….I have around 200 visits so far, in January, from a company called Brandimensions, a company that likes to assess consumer sentiment through conversations happening on websites, forums, blogs etc. I have no idea if Saab is a client of theirs (though they do have a definite leaning towards the automotive industry) and they haven’t returned my mail….yet.

So be warned….Big Saabrother may be watching and may be interested in your sentiments!!!!


Here’s some sentiment they mightn’t like to hear. Mats has sent me a link to a Swedish article in a publication called NYTeknik. Effectively, it seems to be 10 reasons why GM should sell Saab (although I don’t think the author is looking for GM to benefit from the sale so much as Saab).

My rough translation:

1. Saab’s been losing too much money
2. The 9-2x sucks (his thoughts Pete, not mine)
3. The 9-3 is being too watered down with opel parts due to cost cutting
4. The new 9-5 got killed off just prior to rebirth, partly due to the separation with Fiat.
5. The 9-6 got killed off. It took billions in investment to see that Subaru cars wouldn’t fit in GM’s strategy
6. Let’s just say he doesn’t appear to be too fond of the 9-7x
7. GM’s healthcare burden will mean no development dollars for real, new Saab models. (Workers used to retire at 65 to drink beer and die at 70. Now they retire before 60 and play golf on their generous pension until they’re 88)
8. Not sure about this one.
9. Bob Lutz – gives the expression “a lot of chat and little workshop” a face
10. Toyota, Mr Watanabe will “knolla” up to R Wagoners door and by Saab with loose change.

Not exactly gentle, huh? I’m not too sure how accurate his thoughts are here, but there’s an element of truth there. This year’s going to go a long way to telling the story on GM’s continued investment in Saab. There have been some great things happen in the last 12-18 months and I think a couple of his negatives are actually pretty good e.g. the canning of the 9-6x. Let’s see what 2006 brings, eh?


Whilst thinking of future Saabs, one should note that a future 9-2’s competition has been tested en masse at Edmunds. Also, Volvo are wondering about how their entry to the segment should be packaged.

My suggestion: in a pine box.

I think it’s fair to say the 9-3x would have competed fairly well against this car….

Volvo C30.jpg


It’s also interesting to note that the managing editor of Edmunds, Karl Brauer, owns a Saab Sonett Mk III. Way to go, Karl!! Karl’s blog is here.


The first V6 Aero in Tasmania has landed at our local dealer. I’m booked in for a drive on Saturday morning. Can’t wait!

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  1. #8 is:Stopped cars. LAst year GM proclaimed that they had decided to redistribute the development resources from RWD vehicles to large SUV’s. Then oilprices went up and SUV’s are collecting dust at the dealers while customers stand in line to buy smaller RWD cars from Ford and Chrysler.

  2. Ny Teknik is not _the_ magazin you first think of when it comes to correctly analyzing the auto industry. They are a general magazin for technolgies, and in Sweden that means much telecom, medicin, heavy industries (mining, forrest)… It’s just a bunch of facts they fond on the net and put together as an “article”.

    More fun this week was the quote from Mr. Forster (head of GM Europe) that the plant in Trollhättan could produce 250.000 cars by 2010… Now, if we could just try to figure out what models they are planning to build there…

  3. I do beleive that the extra production in Trollhattan is to come from the Cadillac BLS, a Euro only FWD’er that is will be the entry level model under the CTS.

    Cadillac, made by Trolls

  4. Seems Fiat are crawling back into the black without GM ownership, although the parting gift was a help. Maybe Saab without GM would not be so bad. Seems to me GM have little clue what to do with Saab anyway.

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