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ITV have a good summary analysis of the UK car sales market in 2005. Ford remains #1 in the UK with GM (Vauxhall) gaining. Of course, Saab grew 35% during 2005 and warranted a decent paragraph in the article. A good, quick read.


All the talk about the 9-2 being made in Trollhattan is not settled yet. Gaining the contract would go a long way toward securing Trollhattan’s future as an auto manufacturer, but as with the future 9-3’s and 9-5’s, Trollhattan will have to bid for the production contracts and prove themselves to be a value proposition. This article, appearing in the Times Online, is specifically about the Astra and the threat to production at Ellesmere Point in Great Britain, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the same will apply for the proposed 9-2 should it come to pass.


The boots have been planted in GM’s derriere a bit this week here at Trollhattan. I wouldn’t do it without reason, though. Here’s another one: GM haven’t announced it yet, but word is one several sites that they’ll be offering two free Navigation upgrades for most of the GM family………..except Saab (and maybe Buick by the looks of things).

From Auto Channel:

In an as-yet unannounced move, General Motors is offering two free map upgrades for purchasers of vehicles with navigation systems. The offer is a first in the industry……GM is covering the entire cost of the upgrades. The offer has not been publicized, awaiting an anticipated announcement in May ’06, according to sources at the company. The offer is spelled out on the window stickers on cars in dealer lots and on GM websites.

The offer may not be consistent across all GM makes and is not yet available to Saab customers.

I hope they get it together and stop treating Saab so poorly. Winning some new customers in the next 12-24 months is all going to be for naught if the cars aren’t good enough to keep them. Recent comments here indicate some disquiet and this is from a 4-time customer. Not. Good. Enough.

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