More e85 Hulabaloo

Sorry Dinger, couldn’t resist the title.

GM’s spent the day making quite a fuss about alternative fuels.  Automotive News have an article about GM’s bid to push it’s alternative fuel strategy through new ads in print and on the web.  Elizabeth Lowery, GM’s VP for warmth and fuzziness, was spreading the green feeling at Automotive News’ World Congress.

"We’re so serious about diversifying our transportation energy supply that we’re launching a significant consumer education effort focused on E-85 and General Motors products," Lowery told her audience.

The campaign will expand to broadcast and other mediums as the year progresses and will be a "full marketing" campaign, she said.

GM already makes a bunch of flex-fuel vehicles (mainly in order to appease the government – they like that) and the Saab 9-5 Biopower *cough* ‘concept’ is a possible contender for the US market in the next 18 months.

They even have a website about it.  Check it out here.  No mention of the Saab though, unfortunately.

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