More on that African Saab rally car

I first featured this a few days ago.  Luckily, the owner/driver appears to be a publisher (though I’m yet to track down his publication) so he has a few contacts for media coverage.

Exerpts from the latest iAfrica report:

Michele Lupini and Dave McGregor and the Silverstone Tyres Sandton Saab 9-3R are looking for revenge in this weekend’s Bosal Cars in Action Tarmac Challenge. Lupini took the monster Saab to victory in the 2004 all-tar rally, but retired from a strong position last year.

"Two years ago we shocked the rally world when the Saab appeared out of nowhere to win the all-tar rally," driver Lupini reminisced.

"But last year’s Bosal Cars in Action Tarmac Challenge proved a more difficult nut to crack and although we were running strongly, we ended up taking an early shower…"

"We have done a little development on the car since and I will try to be a little easier on it this year. The Saab has huge power and torque and is reliable as long as I don’t abuse it, so I will have to remember that if I want a home win," the Cars in Action publisher added.

The Silverstone Tyres Sandton Saab 9-3R, which comes out for the Tarmac Challenge just once a year, is a fearsome machine that’s surprisingly close to standard. Producing 500 horsepower on a good day, it has the obvious racer suspension and safety kit, but that’s about it.

"Driving a car pumping all that grunt through the front wheels is extraordinary experience, but our Saab is still relatively easy to drive," Lupini explained.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of this one.  Should be a cracker.  Let’s just hope Mr Lupini and his 9-3 can live up to the hype.


  1. “…surprisingly close to standard” but outputting 500hp!?!? Some of the most modified 9-3’s I’ve read about don’t come close to 500hp. There was Per Eklund’s Pike’s Peak SAAB that output some ungodly amount of horsepower, but it was VERY heavily modified. 500hp from a 2 liter engine? How is this so?

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