Nail, Head, etc

I’m not a huge fan of Robert Farago.  I’ll say that straight up.  He’s a great writer, but sometimes I think he’s a bit sensational, well, because sensational sells.

This time, though, I think he’s put together a doozy.  And I think there’s a certain application that Saab could pick up from it too.  I’ve been guilty myself of looking forward too much for the next big thing.  Farago reminds us here that the automotive companies that are doing well at the moment have fought like hell to win their customers and continue to fight like hell in order to keep them.

Farago’s site is called The Truth About Cars and this article, for me at least, reads like Paul Pierce vs The Indiana Pacers, 3rd quarter, playoffs, 2002.*


* Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics) is nicknamed is "The Truth" and in that quarter, he scored around 24 points, including one of the best trash-talking 3’s on the buzzer that you’ll ever see. 

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