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Howdy all.  Had our son’s 18th birthday party last night, hence the very busy day with no posting.  18 is a big birthday here in Oz as it’s the "legal" age (voting, drinking, etc).  Consequently I’m quite stuffed this morning.

For those of you that may be having some trouble with the layout after the changes i’ve made to this blog’s template’s this week, could I suggest that you hit the "refresh" button in your web browser.  Sounds quite basic, but it may be that your computer’s trying to process the new layout through the old one it has stored in it’s memory from when it’s been here before (or something like that).

Some people are reporting an expanse of white in the top right section and the third column not appearing (in some cases, the 3rd column content is being pushed below the 1st column.) 

The screen should look like the following picture, which is a screenshot taken on my PC, running Mozilla Firefox 1.5 at 1024×768.  It’s a 3-column layout just like the previous one.  It looks only very slightly different in Microsoft’s IE 6.0 and I’ve received a screenshot that looked OK from a Mac running Safari.  Here’s the picture….

So, please try the "refresh" button and see if things improve.  Cheers.  I’m off to recover from the 18th.

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  1. First time I accessed it in Firefox it showed the excess white space, but a refresh cleaned it up, and now it works smoother than ever. No more “You are forbidden…” messages when trying to read comments. Good work!

  2. Mag-X, thanks for that. Always keen to see how different browsers are coping with things.

    Ted, glad to hear it’s working OK for you, too. Hopefully the problems people are having will be shortlived. They should be far less than previous problems such as error pages etc.

  3. Jehrler, can you email me a screendump, along with your resolution settings? I’ve had another Safari shot sent to me and it looked OK, so I’m puzzled.


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