Saab Biopower Survey

My thanks to Peter for leaving this one in comments.  It seems that Saab USA, as stated prior to the Detroit and L.A Motor Shows, are interested in feeling out the marketplace for interest in the 9-5 Biopower concept model.  They’re using an online survey to determine whether or not they should bring the 2.3l "biopower beast" into the US.

If you’d like to read up on the full details surrounding the Biopower beast concept car, click here.

I’m not sure how useful this survey will be, as anyone can complete it, not just those with US I.P addresses.  I guess Saab USA will just filter out the non-U.S results.  Reading the questions and the selectable responses, I’m not sure there’ll be anything concrete in the responses though.  It’d be interesting to see the results, but I’m sure we won’t.  Either they’ll bring the model out or they won’t.

If they do, the site states that the model will be released in Spring 2008 (why so long when the technology is apparently so readily available?) at a cost of around $36,195.  This represents a $1,000 premium on the regular price.  There’s also a question asking whether people would prefer to see the lower-cost 2.0l option instead.

The survey site is available by clicking here.  All of you that are interested, click away.

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  1. Whoa! How the friggen presses. Did you see this line on the informational part of the survey?

    “The 9-5 BioPower comes with an engine block heater, which must be used prior to starting the car when it is running on E85 fuel in outside temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.”

    WTF? This is a problem for most of the US as very large portions are susceptible to being under -1° for long periods of time. Right here in Ohio, while we are currently having a mild winter, back in December we had 3 weeks where it never got above -4° during the day and as low as -18° at night.

    Unfortunately unlike the northern reaches of Canada we don’t have outlets for engine block heaters everywhere, so while I can plug it in at home what happens while the car sits outside for hours at work and school?

    And then there’s that part about E85 getting significantly worse mileage, all the while E85 cost the same or more than regular petrol. I would say with these restrictions my BioPower 9-5 would be run on 100% petrol for most of the year due to temperatures and fuel costs, going to E85 only a few times during the summer to feel the rush of 50 extra ponies.

    Of course since I drive a ’86 900T with 277k miles (443k km) on the clock the term, “my BioPower 9-5” is purely theoretical.

  2. From what I know we here in Sweden have no such restrictions on the E85 cars so I guess it’ll run just fine without using the heater. My guess it’s a legal thing where GM tries to protect theirselves from being sued should something happen. In Sweden normal gas price is about 11 kr/litre and the E85 is about 7 kr/litre. 8kr=1US$ So the extra consumption is ofset by the lower price. Since it’s classes as a “enviromental” car you also get free parking in larger cities and such.

  3. Ahh.. Well that’s good to hear. I’m afraid it’ll still scare people off.

    And for what it’s worth I did say “Definitely Consider” on the survey.

  4. Interesting, here in Minnesota there are many, many E-85 stations and it is generally 25 cents cheaper per gallon.

    I think the state reduced its taxes on E-85.

  5. If you would have read ALL comments coming from GM, you would know that it takes long time to get permission to sell vehicle type in the USA.

    Thats why the 2008.
    (or they might have new car ready that I doubt)

    E85 is usually mixed with more “regular” fuel if temperature gets too cold to start the car, if I remember right, -15 centigrade is the level where extra benzin % is needed.

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