Saab in SA tarmac rally

This photo is a couple of years old, but I’m pretty sure it’s the Saab 9-3 driven by Michele Lupini and Dave McGregor.  This car won a 2004 all-tar rally and will be lining up later this week in the 2005 Bosal Cars in Action Tarmac Challenge, to be held at Gerotek and the Zwartkops Raceway in South Africa.

It’s the 2005 even, being run in 2006 as the original date in December had to be postposed.

In Googling Lupini’s 9-3 I’ve seen varied reports from 300kw to 350kw.  I’d love to get in touch to get some more details on the car’s setup but details are scant at this stage.  I’ll try and look up a few contact points, but the best I might hope for at this stage is to cheer from the sidelines and report the results.

Articles about the tarmac challenge seem to best covered in iAfrica Motoring.  The event covers four different tracks and the route can be found here.  Lupini’s car has received a sponsorship from Silverstone tyres and hopes to place pretty high on the day, having had to retire from a previous event.

My thanks to Ted for the heads-up.  I’ll post the results as soon as I can find them.


  1. You are right, Jochen. The whole front bumper we see here is a 900II, but I bet it is a 9-3 car model though because all the Press say so. My mother has a 1999 9-3 and way back I had a 900II and I always thought the 900 bumbers looked more sleeky and not least more soft, thick and a lot nore solid over the 9-3 bumpers. Another reason for using this 900 thing is that it is older and therefor maybe has a better availability secondhanded compared to the 9-3 bumper, I don’t know. I guess there are some bumper changes during a rally season. :/)

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