Saab O The Week – January 12

It’s been a while since I’ve put a SOTW entry up here.  Holidayitis, I think.

Well, time to rectify the situation.  Here’s a picture of a 1985 900 SPG, from John in Atlanta, home of the Saab Aero Academy.  Ain’t it great how these cars are so instantly recognisable?  Try taking that shot with a Camry!


If you want to see your car here on Trollhattan as part of the Saab O The Week section, then it’s pretty easy.  Just take a great shot of your car and email it to me.  Remember, we’re after great photos, not average photos of great cars.  If you want some tips on taking some good car photos, try this article written by my own resident lens genuis, Stu.

You can view all of the Saab O The Week photos by clicking here: Saab O The Week.

And if you haven’t done so already, please feel free to download your own SOTW desktop wallpaper/calendar for January 2006.  I’ll be doing a new one each month this year and their all cars that belong to people that have visited this site and sent in a photo.  Saab owners just like you. 

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