Saab O The Weekend – Jan 28

Forgive my self indulgence, folks.  It’s not the best image I’ve made, but it’s a start.  I snapped this one on the midlands highway today on my way to Launceston for a gig.  I got a great shot of my 99turbo last year in a similar stance.  This one’s not so good, but it was worth doing.


If you’d like your photo featured in the Saab O The Week section, it’s really easy.  Just take a great photo with a Saab theme and sent in to me via email (  Remember folks: great photos, not just average photos of a great car. 

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  1. This BLOG is comprising very important discussion on topics I have been thinking as well. Future of SAAB is still fuzzy and I wish GM did better job on making that brand name stronger over past decade. Unfortunately in the light of latest financial news, this looks less likely than before.
    As an engineer from manufacturing industry I feel sorry about the long hours of hard work, about the spirit and hope all SAAB engineers put toward developing new models. It is very unfortunate to see your work dismissed by prejudiced journalists and weak PR managers.

    I hope that this BLOG will continue enlightening us on the news and vision Swade99 has on SAAB cars.

    Keep SAABing SWADE,


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