Sales fall in Russia!!

OK, it’s fun working with percentages, isn’t it?  Saab suffered a 30% sales fall in Russia in 2005, though they were only working with a base of 345 to begin with. 

Saab sold 251 vehicles in Russia in 2005.  On the bright side, they outsold Alfa Romeo and Lancia combined, but the bad news is that they were outsold by Cadillac (by 10 units).

My quick recon of Saab Russia indicates a dealer network of 7 dealers for the country and it looks to my detective’s eye like only 3 of those are in Moscow.  It’d be interesting to see their showrooms and know the sales split between them.  Here’s hoping they all go hard in 2006.

For other brands: There’s hope yet for Jaguar as they claimed a 287% rise in sales.  Hummer saw an 88% rise.

Those of us old enough to remember the cold war in any way might be excused for finding the whole Cadillac-and-Hummer-driving-round-in-Moscow thing a little odd.  I’d say Muscovites old enough to remember the cold war would likely find it very odd indeed.

Full figures available here.


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