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Going to be a busy weekend here.  I play in a band and we have a rehearsal and gig on today (you can hear 1 song here). 

Then tomorrow there’s a car club thingy on that’ll be primarily concerned with car detailing, paintwork care etc (and the consumption of BBQ products).  Here’s the trickling of news.  It’s all quiet around here.


From the It’ll-never-happen-but-I’m-watching-just-in-case department: The Porsche AG annual shareholder meeting, the one where they were going to discuss permitting acquisitions outside Germany, has been held.  I’m waiting to hear the outcome and will post it when it’s made public.


From the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter department: Several news sources (here’s one syndicated report) are reporting that Moody’s Investors Service are considering lowering GM’s stock rating to below "junk" status.  I’m not sure what rating is below "junk".  Is it "pondscum"?


In response to my thoughts on what Saab should be achieveing in 2006 – Jason wrote in about Saabs in Asia, or Hong Kong at least, and it seems that they’re basically unknown and almost nonexistant.  Beemer and Benz territory only, apparently.  Thanks for the insight.  I know there’s a presence in Malaysia, but the rest of Asia is, as always in most things, a bit of a mystery.

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  1. Re: Saab in Asia.The last time I checked there was a thriving de facto Saab Owners Club in Japan – regular gatherings in Tokyo.

    There are Saabs in Hong Kong too, but they tend to live in what was called the New Territories.

    In the early 1990s, I saw a 900 classic have a head-on with a new Honda in Chiba Prefecture Japan. The Honda (a Legend) collapsed its engine bay and firewall into the front seats-killing the occupants from tib, fib, and chest injuries. The Saab owner walked away with a very sore head and sprains.

    Tropical 900 classic turbos by the way, had the battery moved to the boot- to avoid excess heat soak from the turbo and ambient temps.

    Plenty of Saabs in Singapore too – but I hear the auto gearboxes hated the traffic and temperatures even more than usual.

    Am off for a blast in a classic 900GLI now. Its Pommyland in the winter and -9 here.

  2. ‘Pondscum’ — LOL! I’ve always opted for the term ‘terrorist’ in these situations. It has double meaning: first, terrorists are lower than junk (or pondscum) and, second, the bonds are holding you hostage and you can only pray that the corporation can someday free! (See: ‘bond’age.) 😉

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