Some Biopower Beast detail

I got these shots this morning (thanks B.M.), but it’s taken me around 12 hours to get around to thinking enough about them to write here. It’s been 41 degrees celcius here today and my Tasmanian physiological system has been flaking out!

Anyway, now that my mind’s cleared up a little, these make for some very interesting shots. A few of you have been fortunate enough to visit the Auto show at Detroit this week. These photos have come from that show.

Many of you, like me, would be wondering why it would take until 2008 for Saab USA to bring out an e85 model, when the technology is already in use elsewhere. There’s obviously some testing etc that has to occur to make sure all the various e85-compliant systems measure up to required US standards. But that shouldn’t be too much of an issue either as there’s a bunch of flex fuel vehicles already in GM’s range.

As mentioned, the following photos were taken in Detroit, at the Saab stand. First up, here’s the engine of the 9-5 Biopower vehicle….I’ve left it as a fairly large file so you a click on it to enlarge.

Biopower donk.jpg

Now, I’m not fit nor worthy of tying even the most incompetent mechanic’s shoes, so this just looks like an engine bay to me. I know the e85 mods are in places we can’t see, but there might be something lurking here that those in-the-know can point out.

Here’s the rear of the car. A small shot you can’t enlarge….

Hirschtailpipe full shot.jpg

Now, I ain’t no mechanic, but I can read fine, buddy. Click to enlarge if you need to…..


Something that’s currently not available in the US, as far as I know anyway, is a Hirsch kit. You may be able to buy some aftermarket bits direct from Hirsch, but to my knowledge you can’t order a Hirsch modified, factory backed Saab in the US. If I’m wrong on that then my theory is all blown out of the water. Please post corrections in comments and I’ll leave all red-faced.

Theory as follows: the way-large extra boost in horsepower and torque in the Biopower model may not just be due to the extra octane in the e85. As signified by this exhaust tip, perhaps there’s some extra goodies behind this Biopower beast that haven’t been mentioned yet. And perhaps that’s why it might take so long to get to market. Maybe there’ll be an entry of hirsch modified vehicles into the US market, through dealerships, and perhaps Saab are trying to kill both birds with the one stone.

Folks, it’s just a theory and it’s well and truly up for correction. All I know is that the truth will be waaaaaay more interesting……


Some tidbits that accompanied the pictures…..quoted direct from the email:

Other neat things that came from Swedish staffers….I hope I do not get him in trouble…nice guy, kept me on the brand.

Regarding a sale….the question was not really WHEN but WHO. I mentioned Porcshe and he went red like a school girl with a crush and broke eyecontact. Hmm….

A new 9-1 is in the plans for the future ala BMW Z1.

Hyrbrid combined WITH E85 planned for 2010.

A new 9-4 cross vehicle coming.

V6-Bio Power SUPER turbo beast is in hiding at Trollhattan designs somewhere with 400bhp!

Now how’s that for a lovely bunch of coconuts!!

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  1. Yep I consider Porsche as positive even I know that Saab would mostlikely transform into tiny brand that sells only very expensive cars.

    Porsche is very diesel negative and E85 might just be the solution.

    But but, its long way before Saab is sold and even longer way to end up with Porsche.

  2. My thoughts are tha Porsche will let Saab cooperate with Opel/GM until the next model years run their course. Then they will create their own platform which will be flexible and meet the needs of ALL of the lines ( 9-3, 9-5, variants). More bang for your buck – one premium platform. They will then sever ties with GM. I saw this in a dream I had last night. (haha)

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