Thoughts on a slow news day

  • The Middle East control the fuel supply and don’t necessarily like the west too much and are happy to control supply, and therefore, price.
  • The Americans have the most money, but in general terms, the worst taste in how to spend it.
  • The Europeans design the best cars, but are hindered by the money/taste problem noted above.

Ain’t it great to be a second hand Saab buyer?  Low price, great design and an economy/performance relationship that keeps you happy.

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  1. I would like to vigorously object to your statement about Americans. Unfortunately I cannot. I’ve stopped talking to most people at work about cars. I sometimes feel myself losing control of my facial muscles as they describe the latest SUV monstrosity that has captured their heart. They would be quite offended if they saw how disgusted I am.

    Strangely, the one place where I find people with similar tastes in sporty cars, and several other Saab drivers, is in my Army National Guard unit. Perhaps because we have spent so much time behind the wheel of Humvees and larger vehicles (including tanks), all desire to drive a SUV in the civilian world has disappeared.

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