Tuesday Snippets

I love visiting Melbourne, but after 3 consecutive 40+ degree days (that’s Celcius, folks) it’s good to be home again. Good luck and safe travelling to the firefighters over there, 1 of which is my nephew and 2 others friends of mine.


After a rather big build-up last week, the campaign to win the Bosal Cars In Action Tarmac Challenge by Michele Lupini in his beasty Saab 9-3 ended in a fizzer on the weekend. Lupini’s car busted a CV joint in the first stage of the event. The tarmac rally was won by Etienne Lourens in a Toyota.

I guess the next big event for me will be Targa Tasmania and Dan’s campaign in the 99turbo.


Seems like the 900 turbo is the consensus pick as “The Saabiest Saab” with the 99 Turbo coming in a respectable second place.

I’m pretty comfortable with that.


Whatcar? have news of a minor recall for Saab. The first for 2006 (and hopefully the last):

Saab’s recall covers 456 of its 9-3 models with the vehicle identification numbers 00000006*102*4205 to 00000006*102*7871. It says the manufacturing process of the rear wheel bearing assembly may not have been correct.

Owners may notice a rumbling noise which, if left unchecked, could in some cases result in the complete detachment of the hub from the axle and a lost wheel.

The owners of affected vehicles are being contacted by both manufacturers with the offer of free checks and remedial work at their nearest dealership.


A couple of lucky Trollhattan regulars have won a trip to go stay in an ice hotel in Sweden and learn how to drive Saabs on the ice. I can’t quite find the competition details now, but it looks like it’ll be a heck of a trip. Robin’s very kindly agreed to send some pictures and words about the trip – should be fantastic!


Still haven’t heard any more news on the possibility of a Biopowered Talladega 2006. But you GM folks, if it happens then I’d love to come over and have a drive (please, pretty please, with a cherry on top!).


Security in Trollhattan must have been stepped up a bit as there’s hasn’t been one single spyshot of the several new models that might be shown in Geneva in March.

The email’s always open, people.

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  1. Dan’s car may not be the only Saab Targa Tasmania. One of the Saab dealerships here in Sydney has been contemplating putting a 9-3 Aero in Targa Tasmania. I don’t know if its a go ahead yet but hopefully it is. 🙂

  2. Something is not right with their serial number notation. My last 8 digits are 61027061, but the referenced web page says… “00000006*102*4205 to 00000006*102*7871”

    To me this infers the “*” could be ANY character, but there does not seem to be any characters in the vacinity of the “*” on the VIN. I guess I have to go look at my actual number plate to see if their is a “*” there (?!?! casue it looks like I’m on the tail end of )this lot.

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