Viva Las Saabas!

The Saab 9-3 Convertible will be part of the lineup at a GM promotion in Las Vegas called “The Drive”.

“The Drive” will take up an 11 acre space on the corner of Paradise and Sahara. Apparently it’s first attraction of it’s type anywhere. GM is leasing the space from the Sahara hotel. The 11 acres will house two professionally designed driving courses, one tarmac and one dirt. The tarmac course will be about a half-mile in length. Paying customers (price unknown) get to go for a spirited drive in a variety of GM vehicles, accompanied by a professional driving instructor.

The tarmac vehicles include the Corvette, Solstice, Caddy CTS-V and STS-V, Pontiac GTO and the 9-3 ‘vert.

The dirt vehicles are a bunch of GM SUV’s but no 9-7x included in that crowd, unfortunately.

“The Drive” is scheduled to open in the US Spring and remain open for 6 months. I guess a repeat of the exercise in 2007 will be largely dependant on the patronage in 2006 (my sister-in-law Heather says “Thankyou, Captain Obvious!!”)

The full press release is available here.

The cynical amongst us would say “Well, can’t you test-drive vehicles for free already?”. I guess this is about choice of vehicles and potential hoonage. Unfortunately for hardcore Vegas hotel patrons, breathalyser tests are mandatory….

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  1. Paul, I had meant to, but by the time I got around to it, it was a subscriber article. I may post it later this week, but I think most people would have read it already by now.

    Ken, maybe one of the magic shows there could make the 9-2x disappear!

  2. I did Paul. I posted the NYT 9-7X story and link to SaaCentral, and our ever-intrepid Swade picked up the scent right away. Go Swade go !

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