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I’d like to quickly roll out the welcome mat to whoever might be visiting here from the New York Times. This humble little blog received a mention in a story by Jerry Garrett: Does Saab Have a Future Within the G.M. Family?

This is a site for those people that are pretty dedicated to the Saab brand. It’s a small automotive marque with a rich history, famed for it’s distinctive styling in years past as well as it’s dedication to getting more from less. Whether it be more power and torque from small turbocharged engines or more cabin space through intelligent design and the use of Front Wheel Drive, any Saab enthusiast can pretty well confirm that driving a Saab gives you great motoring value.

For those that are first-time visitors to the site, I’d like to quickly point you to a couple of items that you might find interesting. First up, the 2006 model range:

All you need to know about the 2006 Saab 9-3 Sport SedanPart 1, Part 2, changes from 2005.

All you need to know about the 2006 Saab 9-3 Sport Combi

20 years of the Saab Convertible

All you need to know about the 2006 Saab 9-5

All you need to know about the Saab 9-7 SUV

All you need to know about the 2006 Saab 9-2x apologies in advance for this one….

As mentioned up front, this is an enthusiast’s site. And enthusiasts have thoughts and feelings. Whilst the majority of us, me included, are thankful for the life support that GM has provided for Saab in the last 15 years, it doesn’t mean we’re a grovelling bunch of nitwits willing to take whatever GM throws at us. I like to think we give credit where credit’s due, but I don’t mind voicing my thoughts and the thoughts of others when it comes to the brand of Auto we’ve come to love. I’ve written a bunch of articles on this subject here at Trollhattan, categorised as Letters to GM.

There’s also one gargantuan article entitled “Tell GM About It”, where I opened the floor for visitors to this site so that they could voice their opinion on Saab’s model range and their hopes for the future of Saab. We’re the customers after all – right? These comments were printed and sent to Jay Spenchian of Saab USA and Robert (Bob) Lutz, as well as some of the head honchos in Europe. As yet, and quite disappointingly, there’s been no acknowledgement as to the efforts these Saab loyalists went to.

More links: Info about this site, info about the author and about his car, a 1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen.

If you’re a new visitor here at Trollhattan, it’s my sincere hope that you enjoy your visit and if so, please bookmark the site and come again. I’d also like to thank Jerry Garrett for the reference in his NYT article. I would have done that on the quiet, but there’s no email link for him in the story, so thanks Jerry.

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  1. Saabnet….

    I posted a question on there a few days back regarding the part number of an early Saab windscreen rubber that I’d found. Several people replied with info, expressing interest in buying the item, to which I responded by saying that I’d be placing the item on eBay.

    Two days later, I checked the post and it had been deleted….. perhaps the moderator inferred that it was advertising, or something similar.

    To be fair, I can only respond by saying…. [webmaster who shall remain anonymous], you’re a [goatherder].

    [Edits made to tone down yet another forthright comment from Drew and thereby preserve the long-time icy relationship between Trollhattan and Saabnet – cheers, Swade]


  2. Hi

    Obviously it is clear why Renault “may” have shown interest in buying Jaguar. And Ford said no.

    Remains to be seen if they then think Saab could have the same kudos.

    Could give GM a good exit strategy ? Particularly given recent reports.

    If it happens you heard it here first : http://www.peterhornby.com


  3. So Jay Spenchian or his boss never even acknowledged our “letters”? If so, don’t know whether to view this as sad, condescending, or expected. Jay says just need a better marketing effort to sell SAABs in the U.S. Whatever happened to styling, design, and engineering? There are a lot of afcionados of auto design out there who could tell you when a car has “gotta-have-it” quality. If lazy, just remake a past winner, e.g. Ford’s Mustang. The expected Z4 coupe is a gotta-have-it car. With better mechanicals the Solstice could achieve it.
    It doesn’t take a genius or an over payed exec to figure these things out. It does take someone who wants to look, listen, and learn. So perhaps it is sad that GM has not responded, but it should have been expected. Just don’t look to us for pity GM.

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