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Now that some of the ice has melted, it’s interesting to see what the press and a lot of other pundits are writing about the Saab Aero-X concept: 

Edmunds: Saab Blows The Doors Off With Concept Debut in Geneva – "Saab’s "Born From Jets" marketing campaign appears to be more than just talk. Response to this concept will determine if we ever see any of this on the road."

Carpoint: Saab’s Geneva Stunner – "it was still the undoubted Swedish star of a show usually dominated by Italian or German concepts."

4Car: "One of the most-anticipated concept cars of the show, Saab’s Aero X isn’t, says the company, the precursor to a production model, but a pure for-show car, a brand-building exercise and an indication of a bolder future design direction."

Jalopnik: "Just got back from Saab’s unveiling of the Aero-X concept at the Chateau Parc des Eaux Vives near the Geneva waterfront. Swank digs for a truly hot piece of machinery. Must sleep now."

That Jalopnik piece is really well worth a look.  They were actually there at the unveiling and have some great photos.  For example, here’s some detail on the interior that we haven’t seen from Saab yet.  Go check out Jalopnik’s article by clicking here.

Whilst I’m thinking about the unveiling, here’s a few of my thoughts…..

I’m cognisant of the fact that a few of the bits of information I received about the car were wrong.  One can’t be perfect. 

First up, it seems like it was much more Anthony Lo’s baby rather than Brian Nesbitt’s.  I’m sure Brian oversaw the project, but getting Lo to speak at the gig seemed to be recognition for his hard work on the job.

Secondly, the car seems to be featuring the 2.8 litre engine rather than the 3.0 litre that was mentioned prior.

On the show itself:

  • How about the opening dance act?  Mmmmm. 
  • The car looks fantastic with the lights on.  Anyone who bags that headlight setup ought to have their heads read.  Bleedin magnificent. 
  • And finally, scripted witty banter rarely works with actors, let alone car execs.

What a fantastic day for Saab.  A magnificent new concept.  Hope in the air.  Blah Blah Blah.

Please build it……..

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  1. And just a note on that ice. Moving 55 tons of ice from Sweden to Switzerland is a fair effort and well done but……Saab is in the CAR business , not the ice business. it looked nice but it could just have easily been glass bricks. Its a car show, not an ice-climbing one so lets keep in real please.

    More on the car, less on the “scandinavian cool” would go a long way.

    Perhaps I’m being harsh and this is GMs way of saying “SAAB is here.” but it still seems of negligible relevance to me.

    Imagine for a moment – your the MD of an international car company that is struggling for air. For once you’ve got the worlds motoring press on your side, on your time and eating out of your hand and you make claims about……ice?

  2. Maybe ice is the new Swedish bling?

    They say you gotta spend money to make money. I’m not sure how much better Swedish ice is compared to Swiss ice. Maybe Jan-Ake was bullshitting for effect?

    Still a good entry into the world. Looked fantastic with the lights on. Just love those lights.

  3. I wached the Camaro concept unveiling prior to Aero X while I was waiting for the real thing.
    All I have to say is well done SAAB. That dancer is incredible and when she is dancing on top of those icebergs mmmm.
    Then when she got to the Wall Of Ice I just numbed. That how good the show was.
    And waiting the car to come out of the dark and to finaly see headlights lit and in their corner to see that it realy looks like the ice is melting,
    I gotta say that the hair on the back of my neck got reised instantly and total thrill overwhelmed my entire body.

    O.K. the talk was a little unsecure but you have to consider that English is not their native (esspecialy Lo’s) language and that it ment alot to them, obviously.
    I must say that ice probably looks much more intensive than glass when you are there. I know that I was impresed becouse it gives that scene
    a sort of authenticity wich IMHO is a very good thing.

    Oh and one other thing:


  4. Today one of the clues on the crossword was “Volvo rival”…and I’m sure it brought a grin to some faces…but getting outsold in the US 3+ to 1 doesn’t make a rival…maybe an alsoran? GMOTORS/Saab needs some serious powertrain options on the showroom floor tomorrow…not 2010.

  5. Where do i go to get my head read? I dont think there is one aspect of this concept that is worthy of making it into production. That interior plastic makes any GM North America product look like an Audi. IMHO a HUGE waste of resources that could have been spend making the 06 9-5 look like a Saab.

  6. I drove my first SAAB 900 in 1985. It was light blue and made me feel very secure driving it when one rainy night I was rear ended on a major highway. The driver of the other car, (Toyota) had to be hospitalized. I walked away from the accident without a blemish. I have driven SAABs ever since. I hear a lot about BMW and Lexus in the press and rightfully so. They are very good automobiles. So are Audi, Acura and Honda for that matter. I am tempted by these brands when I need to shop for a new automobile. I have come close to buying either of these brand’s offering. Only to be compelled to stick with SAAB. Can not explain it. Little did I know that SAAB would someday offer a progressive and magnificent concept like the AeroX for us to be inspired by. I realize that running an automobile company today is ultra competitive and costly. When you have to compete with BMWs and the other quality automakers out there. The AeroX took the term, concept to the next level. Let’s look at the some of highlights, biopower and twin turbo engine, the beautiful wraparound windshield and canopy that negates the need for traditional doors. SAABs have always represented progressiveness in a field of followers. The making of this vehicle would reestablish SAAB place in the automotive industry. I do hope the decision makers at both GM and SAAB find a way to make this concept a reality. It would be a shame if that does not happen in the near future.Producing this vehicle will quiet all the critics of a truly special car maker and brand, SAAB. I can not wait to see if the crossover continues what SAAB has started.


  7. I’m actually starting to like the Aero X concept more and more now. The front is still too American-Corvette-esque. GM have really screwed up the nose styling and especially the Saab-grille interpretation.

    The pillarless windscreen idea is, of course, excellent and actually a useful “aircraft inspired” innovation. The liftop is obviously not practical; a few cars (mostly working concepts and some kit cars) use them but there are massive safety issues, not to mention getting the car’s interior wet when entering the car while it rains! But the concept doesn’t need a liftop… the C900 had a wraparound screen and minimal a-pillars placed well back to give better vision. The first time I drove a 9-3SS I wondered why I couldn’t see anything and felt so claustrophic! It was that big fat A-pillar. Saab could bring the Aero X’s windshield concept into production, just use a small, set-back a-pillar and paint it flat black. Use regular doors, maybe with cutouts in the roof Ford GT-style so you have a chance of getting in and out.

    And give it a proper hatch, ferchrissakes.

    Last whinge… V6? Ok, highly strung turbo 4s might freak out some people, but people – fuel is AU$1.30 a litre in Australia and >E1.25 throughout most of Europe. The time is nigh for a replacement for displacement, and Saab, with all that turbocharged inline-4 knowhow, should be poised to take the lead. So why in God’s name are they bolting Commodore engines into Aeros? The 2L inline 4 is the power/efficiency/cost sweetspot in the engine world, and bolt a turbo or two only sweetens things.

    Make it direct injection, SVC with high boost from asymetric twin turbos and let’s ditch camshafts for a magneto-pneumatic operated valvetrain that’ll rev to 10,000rpm. Robust counterbalacing could make it smooth enough to feel like a V6, with the shove of a V8 when you plant it, and economy better than either.

    At least they made it Biopower (or say it is).

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