Aero-X Snippets

The original photo that broke the drought on the Aero-X concept car was sourced from the Geneva Motor Show official website.  I downloaded it off that site myself around 7 a.m. Hobart time yesterday morning (Tue 21 Feb) after receiving a comment on the blog to let me know it was there about an hour earlier (while I was asleep). 

It’s now been removed. 

How’d you have liked to be the guy in Geneva, or wherever, that received THAT phone call from GM?  Ouch!


My, what a difference a day makes!!

That first photo had me feeling lukewarm but hopeful.  The next set of photos absolutely blew the roof of the sucker (literally!!).  The comments received both here and elsewhere seemed to be much more positive once the back of the car and ‘that roof’ was in sight. 

And well they should.  I’m now having to employ a drip-guard on my keyboard due to the salivation around here.


Aeromac over at SaabCentral has done the obligatory comparo between the Sonett III and the Aero-X.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll reproduce it here, with gratitude.

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  1. That’s right, JW, I was just about to pass the same information on to SWade. Edmunds gives “Trollhattan” due credit, and chuckles near the end:
    “Oh … and there was likely nothing ‘inadvertent’ about this leak.”
    I think that opinion’s on the money, especially with what I hear from inside SAAB about the constant tension with GM. On another front, however, Edmund’s belief that the Aero-X is related to the Saturn Sky (QUOTE: “which means this baby might actually be on the streets sometime soon”) is way off the mark.
    Again, see:

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