Aero-X: The Unveiling

As i’m writing this, the new Saab Aero-X concept is only about 8 hours away from its official unveiling.  Thanks to GM Communications, we’ve all been invited to view a live feed of the event via GMTV.

The unveiling will be at 5.30p.m. CET (which I assume is Central European Time).  This equates to 11.30a.m. EST in the USA and about 4.30 in the morning here in Oz (bloody time zones!!).

If you’re around at the right time and you’d like to watch the unveiling of the Aero-X LIVE, then here is your link

If you’re a little late for the live feed, see below….


In anticipation of a fair bit of traffic today, I’ve reduced the number of items on the front page to just 5.  You can view earlier articles by clicking in the ‘February’ link in the archives (right sidebar).

If it’s the Aero-X you’re after, then all the information and pictures I have so far are available for your perusal by clicking on the Aero-X button near the top of the right sidebar (under the Google Search box). 


This is the below section.  If (like me) you’ve missed the live unveiling of the Aero-X, then a replay will be made available about 1 hour after the event has concluded.

You can watch the video-on-demand replay, approximately 1 hour after the event, by clicking here.


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  1. Thanks for information of the unveiling.
    It was a short but nice and impressive show. The colour of the car is exciting.

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