Aero-X unveiled

The Aero-X has been unveiled in Geneva.  Some of you that relied on my advice as to timing may have missed the live feed.  I got up at 4.15 a.m and missed it myself.  Checking my inbox at 4.36 I found the following from GM Communications:


Less than an hour before the scheduled start, I have now been informed that the Saab Aero X reveal event will begin "sometime between 11:05 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. EST."

The Video on demand link should be up and running soon. UPDATE: It is indeed up and running!!  Go check out the car for yourself – I dare say it’s about 10 times as impressive viewed live and in proportion.  Geez I hope they build something based on this.

About the live feed – My apologies folks, but it’s a classic case of GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.  Someone in Europe shifted the goalposts at the last minute.  At least you folks in Europe and the US didn’t have to get up at 4a.m to find out.

All your Aero-X information is below.  Pictures to follow soon.

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  1. Yes, I agree — the female acrobat who did the introductory dance nearly stole the show.

    It’s great looking. The driver sits too far back in the car, though — which I suspect is caused by the loss of space to the curved windshield and the high-tech door mechanism.

    And the wheels are too big. It would be nice to size those down to 18’s or even 17’s and eliminate the mild fender hump, which interferes with the clean flowing lines of the hood, as they come back from the headlights.

    It occurs to me that if you move the driver/passenger seats forward a bit, you’d have room behind them for an engine. A mid-engine Saab BioPower, anyone?

    Would I buy one? Absolutely, but it depends on price. I think the most you could price it would be about US$ 40,000. There’s a Mercedes sportster coupe in that range, along with the Porsche Boxster. You’d be much better off at US$ 30,000 – undercutting the “German premium” and offering higher, and more environmentally friendly performance. Better yet, split the engine ranges — sell the “normal” 260 hp BioPower engine at $30k, and sell the 400 hp version at $40k.

    Great car in any event. I like the color choice — a variation on the Saab prototype white.

  2. I’m not sure what money are you talking about but that’s price would be most likely 60-100K dollars in the states dependening how fully it would be concept like and building volume.

    2007 Jaguar XK-Series starts from 75K. That gives good direction.

  3. Does this change everything?

    It certainly gets my attention and ticks lots of the right boxes for a Saab. It does move well away from the untilitarian heritage but we all knew that and perhaps thats not a bad thing for this purpose. Curious as to what happens next.

    While ponder the above, a footnote – I feel that any discussions of price etc are a little bit premature as it really does appear to be purely a concept, not a new model…but its hard not to try to give it commercial context.

  4. The warning about premature discussion of pricing is well taken. We’ll see where it goes.

    But, do you really think that Saab can sell a car which costs $70,000? It’s not as bad as VW trying to sell the Phaeton, but directly competing the with Jaguar at that price level is a daunting task. Cars as these price levels are more about brand prestige than anything else. The Aero X may be somewhat like the DB9, but no one is going to cross-shop the Aero X with DB9 or even the Jag

    Remember the production version is going to be a lot more conventional. Conventional doors, conventional instrumentation, etc. Today you can buy a Mercedes CLK350 (270 hp) in the mid-40’s and a CLK500 (302 hp) in the mid-50’s. True they’re a touch smaller than the Saab, but that’s the comparison.

    If Saab sold the full Aero X package, 400 hp BioPower, I think the maximum realistic price would be 55,000 – arguing that you could get an extra 100 hp than the Merc for the same price.

    It would be better to price the 400 hp version at 45,000, competing directly against the 270hp CLK, and price the standard 260 hp Aero X at 35,000, 10k less than the comparable Merc.

    They’d sell like hot cakes at those prices.

  5. They would sell like hot cakes, i agree. But how about profit? If you sell a car like that for 35,000, how much money are you making/losing. I guess it depends on where/how the car is made, but i have a feeling very little profit will come out of it, if any.

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