Big Saab Premiere on February 27

Mark down February 27 on your calendars, folks.

GM are holding a press event for the lead up to the Geneva Motor Show, which starts March 2. The event on February 27, starting at 5pm, is a special event that will feature a world premiere for Saab. Methinks it’s Sonett concept time!!

The event will be held at Chateau du Parc des Eaux-Vives, Quai Gustave-Ador 82, 1211 Geneva 6. (and if that address means anything to you, you’re a better man than I).

A cautionary note: there’s supposed to be a 9-4x under development too, and the GM site with the announcement doesn’t say anything except for “world premiere” on it. However, as all the chatter has been about the Sonett, I’d be hard pressed to see it as being about anything except unveiling the Sonett concept car.

So, what do we know about the Sonett Concept so far? Let’s take a look back, shall we?

June 2005: Jay Spenchian mentions to Edmunds that there may be a new Sonett-inspired vehicle in the works as a concept. Nothing firm for production.

November 2005: Jay Spenchian comes out to Edmunds and says that Saab won’t be getting a version of the Pontiac Solstice. Those hoping for a Sonett revival had their hopes dashed.

November 2005: Hopes are restored when one of Saab’s Swedish marketing folks spills the beans about a new sports car to be shown at Geneva, with the DNA of Saab’s Sonett. The report claims it may have either a 2 litre, 4 cylinder motor, or one of the new V6’s.

November 2005: Emdunds report further that the new car will be based on the new platform underpinning Opel’s Astra OPC. The new car is the final design penned by Michael Mauer before he left for Porsche.

December 2005: Popular Mechanics are hanging out at a press show, when all of a sudden, Jay Spenchian starts showing those in attendance a bunch of sketches of the new Sonett. “The front doors and the cockpit glass are connected and tilt forward in one big unit. Sorta like the scissors doors on a Lamborghini. The proportions are very sporty with short overhangs and crisp styling. This Saab sports car concept will be the “big” news from GM at the Geneva show. And we think it’s under serious consideration for production.”

December 2005: Auto Motor and Bild in Germany say that there will be a concept car, a tribute to the Sonett, appearing at Geneva. Contrary to common belief/opinion/hope, it won’t be based on the Kappa platform, but will be a completely fresh car and not destined for production in the form shown at Geneva. If popular opinion wills it, it may go into production on a shortened Epsilon II platform.

February 2006: Edmunds are at it again, reporting that the Sonett concept vehicle will be around the size of an Aston Martin DB9. Again, there’s no plans for production, but the concept will be significant as it’s an indication of Saab’s future design form.


So there it is. February 27 is the day and I’m betting it’ll be the new conept under the satin sheet. Here’s hoping.

For those that are interested, here’s another picture I found (from here), which I think I’ve used before, though I can’t be bothered finding where. This one’s being reported as a possible contender for the ‘Sonett’ concept in Geneva.

MotorjournalSaab9-1 no 2.jpg

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  1. I really like the drawing at the bottom. The rear end does look like a Porsche 924, but hopefully that got cleaned up.

    The front is outstanding. Clean, aggressive, clearly Saab-like. Unlike the BMW Z3/4, it doesn’t have a lot of superfluous visual elements.

  2. By the way. The Sonett picture is drawn by Mr Mark Stehrenberger. He has done alot of work for magazines and is also responsible for the first prototype of the first Jeep Grand Cherokee. Hi is a teacher at a designschool in California and also in Switzerland. A very nice man to talk to.


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