Call yourself a collector? (pt 3)

Some time last year I did a collector item on books. I’ve now managed to add a few to my own library, but remain on the hunt for other good publications. I’ve also published a photo or two of Ryan’s model collection. Ryan’s in Washington DC and has a pretty decent collection of books, cars and videos (and still needs someone to donate some significant bandwidth for

I’ve got a few models myself, including the two new ones featured below, but nothing like this (apologies for the fuzziness – click to really, really enlarge)


From left to right, I make them out to be:

Back: 9-3SS, 9-5, 9-3 3-door, 9-3 5-door, 9-5 SportWagon, 9-5 Police Car
Centre: 9000 Talladega, GM900 Talladega, GM900 ‘vert, 9-3 ‘vert, New 9-3 ‘vert, 9000CS, 9-3 SportCombi
Front: 9x, Sonett Mk 1, Sonett Mk 3, Sonett Mk 3, 95, 9-3 Viggen, 9-2x

Not a bad lot, that!!

Probably the latest one of those to be released to market is the 9-3 SportCombi model. I’ve received a complimentary pair from Elkparts, in the colors below. They’re actually pretty amazingly detailed and are in the usual 1:43 scale. Mine even have the little buttons for the numeric keypad next to the nav screen. You can order one from Elkparts in Fusion Blue or Chili Red for about US$27 each, or the pair of them for US$52.24. Click here for the Elkparts SportCombi model page.


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  1. Dear Swade,

    grat collection, Now I also have the scalemodelsmania xDD

    I am searching for the 9000 and 900pre-GM models, I only have one from Eagle. That you can find in where I found an Anson 900 convertible in red.

    Also I am searching for the 9x by Maisto….

    also you can find the Eagle 900 and some other models like the 9-3ss in black in and some interesting models like 99turbo rally models in

    Those are part of my models collection.

    yo have one of this isn’t it? xDDDDDD


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